It’s not just a job, it’s a brand-new future


At The Salvation Army we know having a job makes a huge difference to people’s lives. That’s why we strive to help people overcome their challenges and get into work.

June Appeal 2021 Paul case study

Take Paul for instance: Paul had a terrible start in life. He was abused by his parents, locked away for days in his bedroom and lived in constant fear.

By the age of just 18, his life had spiraled out of control, and he ended up homeless. Every day was a battle to survive. And some days he went to sleep hungry because he couldn’t afford food.

‘My situation left me in a suicidal state,’ he told us. ‘I felt the world was against me, no one really cared, and so what was the point in living?’ 

But we cared. And when he turned up at our Employment Plus service, we did more than just help him find a job. We listened as he shared his hopes and fears. We encouraged him to create new routines, to eat more healthily and take more care of himself.

With our help, Paul’s confidence, motivation and self-belief soared. He gained new skills and learned to trust people again. And we’re sure you’ll be overjoyed to know Paul now has a job he loves, a home and a girlfriend he adores.

Because you see, work is more than just a job – it’s about helping to build a better future.

Sadly in the last year we’ve seen thousands of people lose their jobs and all that they offer. And when furlough comes to an end, many more may end up unemployed with little hope for the future.

Please support our Spring Appeal today and help us to provide the friendship and unwavering support needed to help people find work and build a better future.

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£27 could help towards the cost of a one-to-one coaching session and take somebody one step closer towards a better future.

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