Who we are

Our hope is that you will find Southport Salvation Army to be a friendly and welcoming church.

Our aim is to be an authentic community of ordinary people, living in the community and living for the community.  That means that what be believe and experience should make a difference to our lives - and the life of our communities - outside of the four walls of the church building.  And if ever there was a time to put that into practice, it's now!

What we do on a Sunday is no more important than what we do 'This Time Tomorrow' on a Monday - faith is something that is to lived out in the everyday.  So, whether you've been a Christian for years or you've never thought about Jesus, you're very welcome to join us on a 24-7 journey of discovery!

Where we are

65 Shakespeare Street (opposite the tattoo parlour and Turkish barbers)
United Kingdom

Email address:

Phone: 01704 547805

Michael and Alison Hutchings

Church Leaders

Clare Ogilvy

Office Administrator

Kathryn Casserley

Children, Family & Youth Ministry Team Leader

Peter Elliott

Community Services Manager

Beryl Farrar, Brian Johnson, Janine Davis, Kev Askew, Matt Crawford

Spiritual Leadership Team

53.639791, -3.003847

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Southport Salvation Army - where everyone's welcome, we're all on a journey, and change really happens!

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The Salvation Army works with some of the most vulnerable people in society. As we begin to re-open our doors, we’re finding that the level of need is higher than ever. Will you support us financially, so that we can support the people of Southport practically? Not only now, but into the coming months. Thank you!

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