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Paul O’Grady: The Sally Army & Me

Paul O'Grady joined our staff, volunteers and officers to transform the lives of the most vulnerable people in communities across the country. 

  • About Sally Army and Me

    FInd out more about the landmark series 'Paul O'Grady: The Sally Army & Me' 
  • Camberwell

    Volunteer for us

    Spare a little time and make a huge difference in your community

  • Ann Fowler House

    "Whilst at Ann Fowler House I started volunteering in the charity shop at Bootie Salvation Army, and still do."
  • Cambria House

    "The care in this place is amazing and I would recommend them to anybody. There are people to listen to if you need it." 
  • Stories from our Lifehouses

    Some of our volunteers, staff and residents share their stories of working and receiving practical support from The Salvation Army.

  • Being a Salvationist

    Becoming a member of The Salvation Army
  • Ways we help

    Demonstrating Christian principles through practical support; offering unconditional friendship to people of all ages, backgrounds and needs.