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Prayer Resources

The Salvation Army Prayer Network produces a variety of Resources, to equip and encourage local Corps and individuals to pray. The aim is to inspire, inform and challenge people to develop their prayer life.

Prayer Matters

Prayer Matters is a dedicated Salvation Army prayer resource, published three times a year to inform, encourage, disciple and ensure that the UK and Ireland Salvation Army is immersed in prayer. Each daily prayer ties into the weekly theme covering specific areas in the Territory, current worldwide situations and injustices, youth themes, as well as personal reflection and relationship with God.

Prayer Materials

We email out a variety of prayer resources and ideas, especially forwarding on inspirational prayer initiatives that have been tried and tested around the UK and Ireland. We also have a collection of various prayer resources, guidance for planning retreats, prayer rooms etc.

Please email to request a copy of any of the above booklets, or resources.

Resources to download:

Download 'Let's rebuild together': Prayer Guide 

Download Corps Prayer Co-ordinator Guide -  An ideas guide for anyone involved in organising prayer within a church

Download Fast Forward Guide Book- a booklet discussing prayer and fasting.

Download Prophetic Prayer

Download our Prayer Matters Booklet 

Above is a selection of some of our downloadable material or email​ if you need something specific.