Prayer Network

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Our Prayer Network produces a variety of resources, to equip and encourage our local churches and individuals to pray - with an aim to inspire, inform and challenge people to develop their prayer life.

The Salvation Army Prayer Network exists to: 

  • call The Salvation Army in the UKI Territory to prayer
  • encourage prayer in every aspect of Salvation Army life and ministry 
  • help those who are passionate about prayer to stay connected with each other 
  • release dynamic, kingdom-building prayer by championing creativity, making prayer more accessible, and providing advice and resources to leaders.

From Facebook groups, prayer gatherings, training days, prayer walks and fasting retreats to email requests, there are many ways in which The Salvation Army is using imaginative and inspiring ways to engage in prayer.

Through words, art, music, activity, silence and more, anyone can try talking to God. People pray with us - not only because they need something, but because they have something to be thankful for.

Stay in touch

The network emails out a variety of prayer resources and ideas, especially forwarding on inspirational prayer initiatives that have been tried and tested. Email to receive a copy of any of the booklets or resources. 

We also have a Facebook group where you can share prayer and be connected to other people who are passionate about the power of prayer.

Prayer Resources

We have a range of prayer resources listed on our Prayer Resources page, including Prayer Matters, the One Thing series and other worship and prayer resources to use. 

Upcoming events

We often have events and speakers to inspire, challenge and encourage all who are passionate about prayer as mission.  Please check back for more upcoming events and information.


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