International Development: Thousands speak up to MPs for what they love

published on 19 Jun 2015

On Wednesday (17 June), The Salvation Army joined with over 9000 people in Westminster to lobby their MPs and speak up for the things they love that are threatened by climate change.

The day started with two parallel ecumenical services. Commissioner Clive Adams led the opening prayer in one of the services, calling on us to praise God “with all that is created, and all things beautiful and good.”

Throughout the afternoon at least 330 MPs were lobbied by their constituents after being transported to their meeting place by special Speak Up For the Love Of rickshaws.

The afternoon closed with an open-topped bus led rally hosted by comedian Arthur Smith. During this the crowds heard from faith leaders, school children, celebrities and campaigners about the importance of climate action and why they were taking part.


Commissioner Clive Adams shared why he felt it was important to be part of the lobby:

“Care for God's creation was a foundational element of God's covenant-relationship with humankind.  The fact that we have made such a mess of this divinely inspired responsibility requires of the Church that we are actively engaged in saying something and doing something about climate change.  I chose to attend this event to highlight the need for it to be an important issue for The Salvation Army as well.”


Lots of things we all love are threatened by climate change. Whether it’s football pitches, communities living in poverty around the world, penguins, bees or polar bears, make sure your MP knows you care about the effects of climate change.

You can add your voice to the call for climate action and tell your MP what you love and get them to take action to protect it.