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Climate Change

The Salvation Army is standing with over 100 organisations to call for climate action for the sake of all the things that matter most.

Don’t lose what you love to climate change, just because no one knew you cared

Show The Love 2017

Last year hundreds of thousands of people across the UK showed their love for the people, places and life they want to protect from climate change. This year it’s going to be even bigger!

Schools Resource

Let’s get creative about climate change!

This February, schools across the country will craft messages about what they love and want to protect from climate change and display them on trees – for all to see. These powerful displays of love will help us show how much every single person cares about climate change. 

Download now: A Schools pack for KS1 & KS2 children to make this a memorable and fun activity. (see below) 

The pack will help children learn about the everyday things we love that are affected by climate change and what role we – and the trees we love – play in fighting climate change. It has curriculum linked lesson plans, assembly ideas and activities for primary school children.

Your school will be joining community groups, Premiership football clubs, artists, singers, poets astronauts and hundreds of thousands of people across the UK to show the love for the people, places and life you want to protect from climate change. 

An exciting competition 

The most beautiful photo of a heart-covered tree sent in by a school will win an exciting pack of our members’ schools resources. Just tweet or facebook the image with #schoolsheart and #showthelove or email them to: by Feb 28th 2017. 

Last year we reached over 100 million people online with our messages- this year we want everyone in the UK to be talking about climate change and what we can do to protect what we love. 

We hope your corps or school can get involved! 

Download schools resources


More resources

Show the Love Film

Green Hearts

Schools Resource (for ages 9-11)

Ideas for Churches


Previous actions

Climate March 2015

On the weekend of 28 & 29 November, the world came together to take a stand! Over half a million people marched together on the eve of the global climate talks in Paris to tell world leaders that now’s the time for climate action. In both London and Edinburgh, Salvationists took to the streets to march for what they love and show world leaders that they want to see a strong climate deal!

More than 50,000 people gathered for the London march, making it the largest climate demonstration the UK has ever seen! One of 2,500 climate action events taking place globally, it was second in size only to Australia where more 60,000 are reported to have gathered. Find out what happened in London and get a flavour of the incredible day by reading The Climate Coalition's round-up.

Climate March 2014

On Sunday 21 September 2014, Salvationists took to the streets of London to march alongside over 40,000 people and demand bold action on climate change. Click here to read the full story.

About The Climate Coalition

The Salvation Army is part of The Climate Coalition, the largest group of people dedicated to action on climate change and limiting its impact on the environment and the world’s poorest communities. With our sister organisations Stop Climate Chaos Cymru and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, our combined supporter base embraces more than 11 million people spanning over 100 organisations across the UK, from environment and development charities to unions, faith, community and women's groups. Click here for more information.