Anglia celebrates the arrival of The Salvation Army's international leaders

published on 29 Apr 2014

General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox experienced a feast of worship, music and testimony during a visit to East Anglia over the weekend.

The International Leader of The Salvation Army and the World President of Women’s Ministries attended the celebrations and Sunday morning worship at Salvation Army corps in Norwich.  

Norwich Citadel Band, Norwich Citadel Songsters, Felixstowe Band and Worship Group, Cambridge Citadel Band, Peterborough Songsters and Worship Group and Anglia Divisional Youth Chorus performed for them during the visit. Commissioner Silvia Cox said: “Music in the Army is something special – all kinds of it, all around the world, all praising God.”

She also urged those present to ‘focus on God’s approval’ when making decisions about the direction of their lives.

During their visit the Army leaders also met with retired officers and shared a discussion on prayer with young people, after which a divisional ‘Change4Change’ youth project was launched to provide a new roof and water supply at Larteh School in Ghana.

In his Bible message, General Cox warned against corps becoming a ‘closed club’, and the need to ‘reach up’ in order to reach out.

General Cox also gave a salutary reminder of the need for credibility in Christian living. “The world’s values may have changed, but God and his word have not,” he added.

Sunday morning worship featured a thoughtful prayer timeom Norwich Citadel Songsters and Felixstowe Band and Worship Group. The occasion was the last as leader for Bandmaster John Ranner. Presenting his retirement certificate, the general led the congregation in applause and recognition for the bandmaster’s 46 years’ service, adding that he owed much to men like him who had guided him in the right paths as a young Christian.

Following the meeting the congregation were invited to join the local corps in their regular ‘church on the street’ town centre ministry.