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Right now, across the UK, millions of people are living in poverty, many of whom don’t know where their next meal will come from.

The Salvation Army is working tirelessly to reach those who are in desperate need by delivering groceries to isolated vulnerable people, holding hot meal food drop-ins and distributing food parcels.
Salvation Army Officers delivering a food parcel.

Many of our churches and centres have adapted their services in the aftermath of the pandemic to adhere to government guidelines, yet still reach the greatest number of people possible. At The Salvation Army in Nunhead for example, staff and volunteers have been busy packing food parcels and distributing them to those in need within the local area. And it’s not only food they provide, but essential supplies, toys and clothes, all delivered with the care and warmth you’d expect of a friend. 

This kind of service can really mean the world to people who are struggling to afford life’s basic necessities.

Please donate today so that we can continue to be a friend to the most vulnerable people in our society.

Food provision parcel
Food parcel drop off
Officer packing food boxes

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£20 could pay for a nutritious food parcel to feed a desperate, hungry family for four days

£40 could provide one week of essential shopping for a family of three

£76 could meet the cost of an officer to run a Salvation Army centre for two days – so vulnerable people can access essentials