MS Teams and privacy

The Salvation Army is the data controller for any audio or visual recordings made using Microsoft Teams by staff, officers and volunteers accessing the application using a licensed Salvation Army account.

Personal data, which includes images captured on Teams, is processed on the lawful basis of consent and for the purposes of recording or transcribing a meeting, including to take minutes or to document formally constituted meetings. 

Consent to be recorded. If you do not consent to your personal data being processed as part of a meeting, you should choose ‘no’ when prompted. Please note that this will limit your ability to participate in a meeting as your camera and microphone will be disabled for as long as the recording is in progress.

Where a formal meeting is being held on Teams, refusing the recording will not stop the meeting from proceeding. It will mean that formal minutes, when needed, will be produced by hand and that those will stand as the only record. 

Recordings will be available to all internal meeting attendees to access and download as soon as the recording is finished through chat functionality. Files are automatically deleted at six months unless the meeting Organiser or Co-organiser manually extends this timeframe. Transcripts will also be available to view on Teams after the meeting concludes.

Responsibility for management of all media files on Teams will sit with individual meeting Organisers and Co-organisers. If the retention period for a recording is manually extended by an Organiser or Co-organiser, all meeting attendees should be informed of the new expiration date.

To find out more about how The Salvation Army processes your personal data, go to or email

For further information about MS Teams, visit Microsoft Support