Our confidential referral helpline 0800 808 3733 is available 24/7.

Help The Salvation Army raise awareness and essential funds for victims of modern slavery in the UK this Anti-Slavery Day 2019 by buying a #WeAreNotForSale temporary tattoo.

How you can help

1. Buy the tattoo

Get one in your local shop: Get your special edition #WeAreNotForSale temporary tattoo for just £1 from Salvation Army Trading Company charity shops. Find your nearest shop on our map below.

Buy online: You can also buy the tattoo online via our online shop. 

All profits from the sale of the temporary tattoos will go directly to the Victim Care Fund

2. Share your photos online

We are not for sale tattoo shot

Share photos on your Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook of you and your friends, family or work colleagues wearing the tattoos, and join the campaign online using the hashtag #WeAreNotForSale. 

Stuck for words? Use our pre-written social media posts:

“Did you know there are thousands of people being held as slaves across the UK? I’m supporting The Salvation Army’s Victim Care Fund and standing in solidarity with victims of modern slavery for Anti-Slavery Day 2019 #WeAreNotForSale.”

“In the past seven years, The Salvation Army has supported more than 7000 adult victims of modern slavery in England and Wales. This Anti-Slavery Day I’m standing in solidarity with victims of this heinous crime to say #WeAreNotForSale

“Trafficking and slavery is still happening to thousands of people across the UK, and The Salvation Army needs our help to raise funds and awareness #AntiSlaveryDay2019 #WeAreNotForSale”

3. Add our frame to your Facebook profile picture

We are not for sale Facebook frame
You can join the campaign on Facebook by adding our #WeAreNotForSale19 frame to your profile picture

4. Download our digital toolkit

Please download our digital toolkit, which contains Anti Slavery Day hashtags, suggested messages for social media posts, a social media timeline and more information about how you can support us this Anti Slavery Day.

You can also use the following images with your social media posts. (Right click on the images to save them to your computer.)

A. #Wearenotforsale tattoo image 

#wearenotforsale tattoo

B. #Wearenotforsale square social media graphic

#wearenotforsale graphic


Where to buy a tattoo

We are not for sale tattoo

Our temporary tattoos for Anti-Slavery Day 2019 are available now!

Order them online here. Each tattoo is just £1, with free postage - but please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

You can also buy your tattoos from over 240 locations across England and Wales.

Look at the map below to find your nearest stockist:

Download a full list of all our participating stores

Why the barcode?

When people are held as slaves, they are treated as objects that can be bought and sold, with the ways in which they are exploited limited only by the imagination of their trafficker. 

Victims are made to feel powerless and isolated, and are tricked into thinking there is no one who will help them. 

By wearing this tattoo, not only will money be raised for The Salvation Army’s Victim Care Fund, which provides additional support to help survivors of modern slavery, but you will also be standing in solidarity with victims and helping raise awareness that there are people and agencies out there to help them.

How we help

The Salvation Army has held the government contract to provide specialist support to adult victims of modern slavery in England and Wales for more than eight years. 

In that time we have supported more than 8,000 victims, through safe accommodation, outreach support and specialist services tailored to each individual.

We operate a 24/7, confidential referral helpline 0800 808 3733 for anyone who suspects that they or someone they have come across may be a victim of modern slavery and in need of help.

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