Stand in solidarity with victims of modern slavery.

Help The Salvation Army raise awareness and essential funds for victims of modern slavery in the UK by letting people know #WeAreNotForSale.

Why the barcode?

When people are held as slaves, they are treated as objects that can be bought and sold, with the ways in which they are exploited limited only by the imagination of their trafficker. 

Victims are made to feel powerless and isolated, and are tricked into thinking there is no one who will help them. 

By wearing this face mask, not only will money be raised for The Salvation Army’s Victim Care Fund, which provides additional support to help survivors of modern slavery, but you will also be standing in solidarity with victims and helping raise awareness that there are people and agencies out there to help them.

How we help

The Salvation Army has held the government contract to provide specialist support to adult victims of modern slavery in England and Wales for more than eight years. 

In that time we have supported more than 12,500 victims, through safe accommodation, outreach support and specialist services tailored to each individual.

We operate a 24/7, confidential referral helpline 0800 808 3733 for anyone who suspects that they or someone they have come across may be a victim of modern slavery and in need of help.

anti slavery day face mask

Anti-Slavery Day 2020

Stand in solidarity with victims of slavery on Sunday 18 October.

Stand with us

How you can help

1. Buy the face mask

Visit our shop and purchase your face mask for £5.99 (includes P&P). All profits from the sale of the face masks will go directly to the Victim Care Fund. Please allow three to five working days for delivery.

2. Speak out against injustice

Share your face mask selfies and express your support on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #WeAreNotForSale and tagging @salvationarmyuk.

You can also join the campaign on Facebook by adding our #WeAreNotForSale frame to your profile picture.

We are not for sale Facebook frame

3. Spot the signs

Modern slaves can be hard to spot. Some signs are physical, but some are much less obvious. Educate yourself and others on the signs to look out for.

4. Think before you shop

Make a commitment to buy ethically. Perhaps start with making sure one item you buy regularly is ethical. Like tea, coffee or chocolate? Any products using the Fairtrade logo are guaranteed to not have benefitted from slave labour.

5. Pray for justice

As a church, we believe prayer is an important part of our Christian response to injustice. Prayer is simply communicating with God. By praying about the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking, we make space for God to challenge us and guide our response.

Our International Social Justice Commission has shared a prayer of commitment. You may find these words helpful even if you do not have faith.

A prayer for victims of modern slavery
Front cover of The Salvation Army's Victim Care and Co-ordination Contract report

Download the report

Read the full report to find out how we support modern slavery victims.

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