The Salvation Army in Mitcham

Mitcham Salvation Army is a community of ordinary people motivated by God's love. Together we are learning to follow Jesus in our everyday lives, being good neighbours and participating in our community so we can all make positive difference.

We are an adaptable church and are always exploring innovative ways to bring about transformation in individual lives and in the community. Our 'Omnibus Project' is a creative way of enabling us to develop our work further and crucially, help us improve the lives of local residents; many of which are desperately looking for a 'third space' to socialise and mutually support one another. 

Our mobile community hub is a safe, welcoming space where people of all ages, genders, sexual orientation, faith and social status can come on board, access support and can interact in social activities. We value community and believe each person is valuable. Because of this, we view each person who boards our bus as a participant in community rather than simply a passenger. 

All are welcome. Hope on board! 

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Postal Address: 69 Tamworth Park
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Phone: 07767643098

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