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The Salvation Army Liverpool Walton


Through the Love of Christ, a place of Inclusion, Identity and Connection.


This church in your community is here for you.

What's On

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Our building is open from 10am - 2.30pm on Sundays

(Please scroll past 'Our Programme' for more detailed info about our Sunday meetings and activities)

Our Programme

  • 10:30am - 11:45am Morning Worship

  • 11am - 11:45am Crèche, Primary & Juniors

  • 11:45am - 12:15pm Refreshment break

  • 12:45pm - 1:30pm Singing Company Practice

  • 1:30pm - 1:45pm Break

  • 1:45pm - 2.30pm YP Band Practice

  • 2.30pm Youth Cell 

    • 1st Sunday of each month


    • Monthly at various peoples homes


About Our Meetings

At Liverpool Walton, our services (or meetings as we call them) attract a wide and diverse mix of people from many different backgrounds and ages. Our church is full of friendly, loving faces who’d love to say a big hello. We guarantee a very warm welcome!

Our worship style is aimed to suit all ages, with some traditional hymns, some traditional Salvation Army songs and some much more modern and recent worship. We like to have a mix of lively and reflective. We want our worship to be relevant. 

We also have a section in our meetings, KidsZone, designed to engage the kids in family worship. This section involves kids taking to the stage and taking part in practical challenges with a biblical thought.

We love noise at Liverpool Walton, you don’t have to whisper in our church! 

Why not come and check us out, we would love to see you! 


Parenting Room

This room is specially designed for mums and dads to take their younger children to during our meetings so they can enjoy the meeting whilst attending to the needs of their children.

The Parenting Room is located at the back of our Main Worship Hall.

There are toys for children to play with in the Parenting Room which is (almost) completely soundproof. The room has a shaded window and its own speaker (with adjustable volume control for when children are asleep) so that everything going on in the main meeting can be seen and heard in the Parenting Room. There is a door on the other side of the room for access to the rest of the building for use of toilets etc. 

If you wish to, you can check your children into the crèche which starts in the Hub Coffee Shop at around 11am when the other kids activities start. Feel free to then sit in for the rest of the meeting. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the meeting go on for?

Our meetings usually last between 75-90 minutes. 


What do I wear to church?

Come as you are; wear whatever you are most comfortable in. Bring a Bible if you have one. If you don’t, we have loads of Bibles you can borrow in the Main Worship Hall. You could download the Bible App on your smart phone, we highly recommend it! Feel free to bring a note pad and pen to take notes if you like. We often use technology for interatctive slots in our meetings so feel free to bring your ipads, tablets and smart phones. 


What time should I get to church?

About 15 minutes before the meeting starts would be a great time so you can park your car, find your seats, have a chat and visit the toilets etc.


Where do I sit?

Anywhere you like! We have a wonderful welcome team who would help you to find the seat you are most comfortable in. 


Are there kid’s activities during the meetings?

Yes, we have activities that start at 11am. Kids will be led out of the main meeting by our Young Peoples Team during a song. Please see the ‘Childrens and Youth Ministries’ section for more info about our kids’ activities. 


Do I have to pay to come to church?

There is no cost to attend church. There is a collection during our meetings but this is free-will. No one has to give; you are welcome to let the collection plate pass you. 


Do you have disabled parking and seating?

We do have disabled parking spaces in both of our car parks but we cannot guarantee that they all be available. As for seating, give us a call and we will reserve a space for you. 


Our Hours

Monday - Thursday       9am - 4pm

Friday                               9am - 12pm

Saturday                                   Closed

Sunday                     10am - 2.30pm


  • Monday

    • 12:00pm - 2:00pm Home League
    • 7:30pm Ladies Fellowship
      • 3rd Monday in the month
  • Tuesday

    • 6pm - 7:15pm Kidz Club
    • 7:30pm Bible Study
    • 8:15pm - 10pm Band Practice
  • Wednesday

    • 9:30am - 11:00am Playbox
      • Parent & Tots
    • 7:30pm - 9pm Body & Soul - 1st and last in the month
      • Lifestyle Club
  • Thursday

    • 9:30am - 11:00am Playbox
      • Parent & Tots
    • 7:30pm - 9:00pm Songster Practice
    • 7.30pm - 8.45pm Youth Cell
    • 3rd Thursday of each month

  • Friday

    • 9:30am - 11:30am Hope & Crèche
    • 6pm - 7pm Rainbows
    • 6pm - 7:15pm Brownies/Boys Club
    • 7:45pm - 9pm Girl Guides

Vision and Mission Statement

Corps Vision Statement

Through the Love of Christ, a place of Inclusion, Identity and Connection.

Corps Mission Statement

We seek to be transformed and empowered by Christ so that we can offer hope and change.

Therefore, regardless of race, creed, colour, gender or age:

  • We want our Worship to be spirit filled, relevant, inclusive, contemporary and participatory.
  • In our Discipleship, we seek a deeper sense of God’s presence and a focused, intense prayer-life.
  • Through our Evangelism, we will offer opportunities to discover and enhance a personal relationship with Christ.
  • Through Fellowship, we want to participate in people’s lives, working through developed relationships.
  • Our Ministry, will be integrated so that all we do will be based on serving God and serving others and we will be confident in God’s ability to work in us, through us and amongst us. 

Children's and Youth Ministries

On Sundays when kid's activities start, children will be led out of the main meeting by our Young Peoples' Team during a song at around 11am. The children split into their groups depending on their age.

Crèche (Ages 0 - 3)

The Crèche meet together in the Hub Coffee Shop. Under the leadership of Julie Ferns-Morgan, children in the Crèche get a chance to play together under supervision of adults whilst the rest of the church listen to the message from our Church Leaders. Adults supervising the children rotate sessions on a monthly rota. 


Primary (Ages 3 - 6)

The Primary meet in Room GP3. They are a very valuable part of our church family at Liverpool Walton. Under the leadership of Margaret Lacey and Becky McGinnigle, the Primary enjoy hearing stories about Jesus, craft and playing games. The primary sometimes present items to the adults at Christmas and Easter and often take part in the main meetings ‘Kids Zone’. 


Juniors (Ages 7 - 11) 

The Juniors meet each week in the Community Hall. Led by Young Peoples Sergeant Major (YPSM) Sylvia Wills and assisted by a great team of YP Workers, the Juniors like to sing and dance, listen to stories from the Bible, make things, take on challenges, play games and love making a mess! 


   Liverpool Walton Youth Cell    (High School - 25 years)

The Liverpool Walton Youth is a group of passionate young people with strong and courageous faith under the leadership of Corps Youth Secretary (CYS) Chris Longmore. There are about 20 members in the Youth Group ranging in age from 12 to 25. The youth meet for social time at 2.30pm on Sundays once a month in The Lounge and at 7.30pm on Thursdays once a month for Bible Study in Room GP2. Social time on Sundays usually involves pizza, social and a short thought. Bible Study on Thursdays usually helps the youth to look deeper into their faith and their lives as Christian's using published resources, all with coffee, tea, donuts and cake.  


Kidz Klub

Are you or your kids aged 4 - 11 years olds? Then Kidz Klub is for you! Join us for bible stories, drama, games, songs, prizes, fun and mess.

Tuesdays - 6pm - 7.15pm (Term times only) here at The Salvation Army Liverpool Walton for £1


History of The Salvation Army Liverpool Walton

The Salvation Army Liverpool Walton was founded in March 1881. On Sunday March 27th 1881 Captain Josiah Taylor, aged 25, opened Salvation Army Corps No. 187, then known as 'Liverpool 2', and conducted the first meeting in a converted stable on Walton Road. The corps rented the former stable from 1881 until 1890 when they moved to a larger converted stable on Dane Street. The corps remained on Dane Street for 5 years and then moved back to Walton Road in 1895.

In 1911 the corps was able to purchase the land and demolished the old stable. Plans for a new hall were drawn up and the new hall was built and then opened in the years 1915/16. Additional rooms were added to the new buildings YP Hall in 1925 and an interior renovation took place in 1977.


The building on Walton Road became in need of repair because of age and repeated vandalism. A new building was discussed in the mid 1980's. The new and current building was opened on Cavendish Drive on January 21st 1989 by Comissioner and Mrs J. Read London ICO.







An extension was added to the original build on Cavendish Drive in 2005 and contained facilities for the new Community Centre. The newly extended building and community centre was opened in a dedication ceremony on July 2nd 2005 by Comissioners Keith and Pauline Banks.  






Historical Dates

  • First Sunday School - February 1883
  • Liverpool Walton Band - Commissioned 1885
  • Liverpool Walton Young Peoples Band - Commissioned 1892
  • Liverpool Walton Singing Company - Commissioned around 1900
  • Liverpool Walton Songster Brigade - Commissioned 1921

Liverpool Walton, or 'Liverpool 2', was the second Salvation Army Corps to be opened in the City of Liverpool after Liverpool Toxteth Corps or 'Liverpool 1' was opened in 1879. At the Salvation Army's peak popularity, Liverpool Walton was one of over 20 Salvation Army's in the City of Liverpool. 


​History of The Salvation Army in Liverpool

The Salvation Army became active in Liverpool in 1879 when the first corps (church), Liverpool Toxteth (also known as ‘Liverpool 1’), was opened. Archives from The Salvation Army International Heritage Centre in London have shown that at The Salvation Army’s peak popularity in the early 1900’s, there was a total of 20 Salvation Army corps in Liverpool alone!

The corps were Liverpool Toxteth (1), Liverpool Walton (2), Liverpool Bootle (3), Liverpool Beacon (4), Liverpool Roscommon, later renamed Liverpool China Street (5), Liverpool Temple, later renamed Liverpool Congress Hall (6), Liverpool Seaforth (7), Liverpool Toxteth Park, later renamed Liverpool Dingle (8), Liverpool Kensington (9), Liverpool Waterloo (10), Liverpool Edge Hill, also known as Liverpool Wavertree (11), Liverpool Garston (12), Liverpool Old Swan (13), Liverpool Aintree (14), Liverpool Clubmoor (15) and Liverpool Tuebrook (16). After the 1920’s The Salvation Army stopped naming corps using numbers and so the last four corps to open only had area names. They were Liverpool Speke, Liverpool Belle Vale, Liverpool Childwall Valley and Liverpool Stoneycroft.

Each corps in the city differed. Liverpool Temple/Liverpool Congress Hall was the most central corps in the city and opened in 1883. Being right in the heart of Liverpool it was often unofficially referred to as Liverpool Central Corps. It was a very large corps which also, for some time, held the Liverpool and North Wales Divisional Headquaters. However, when living space in the suburbs became cheaper, people moved out of the city centre. This led to the corps becoming smaller. In the end, because of its facilities and sheer size (originally being a music hall with a 1000+ seater auditorium and a skating rink), Liverpool Congress Hall was used as a meeting place for huge divisional/regional Salvation Army events where hundreds of people from corps all over the Liverpool and North Wales Division, as it was known back then, would meet for special services and events like Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas and Youth Councils etc.

The Salvation Army in Liverpool also has an extensive and very impressive history of social work.

Many hostels were opened in the city like Ann Fowler House Women’s Hostel and Norton Street Men’s Hostel. The Salvation Army also opened children’s homes like Strawberry Field which was made famous by the Beatles. We also ran retirement homes such as Mary Fowler Eventide Home and the Oriel/Irlam Road Eventide Home in Bootle and had women’s hospitals and homes such as the Elmswood Maternity Hospital and Cradlehurst Home for Mothers and Infants/Chesterfield House. Social centres such as Park Lane and Great George Square Men’s Social Services Building were also being run by The Salvation Army. From the 1940’s The Salvation Army even had a hotel and tearooms in Liverpool.

The Salvation Army continues to work in the great City of Liverpool today through its church & community centres, charity shops and its Lifehouses. Today Liverpool Walton, Liverpool Stoneycroft, Liverpool Valley and Bootle Corps are still very active in serving the city. There is also the Ann Fowler and Darbyshire Lifehouses helping those in need. The Salvation Army will also be reopening Strawberry Field to the public where there will be a new centre featuring a training centre for young people with special educational needs, and a new exhibition space dedicated to the story of the place. Check it out using the link below.


The Alpha Course

Explore life, faith and meaning

The Alpha Course, beginning Tuesdays 12th September (9 week course)

7.15pm for a 7.30pm start

Includes a light supper


Alpha at Liverpool Walton Salvation Army


Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. Alpha is run all around the globe, and everyone's welcome. It runs in cafés, churches, universities, homes—you name it. No two Alphas look the same, but generally they have three key things in common: food, a talk and good conversation.

For more information about Alpha, check out their website at



Messy Light Night

Messy Light Night - Tuesday 31st October


Liverpool Walton Songsters at Wigan Salvation Army

On Saturday 4th November at 7pm, our songster brigade will be in concert at Wigan Salvation Army, as the people at Wigan celebrate their 130th corps anniversary. Ever heard them sing? Come along!

Donation of £3 on entrance 

For more information, call Wigan Salvation Army on 01942 826461 / 253080 or email their officer at 

Wigan Salvation Army - 2 Sholes Crossing, Wigan, WN1 3QJ


Remembrance Sunday

Sunday 12th November 


Christmas Carolling in the City

So, many people use the saying 'It's not Christmas till you've heard the Sally Army band play'. Is this you? As of Saturday 25th November until Christmas Eve, if you're doing your Christmas shopping in Liverpool City Centre, you will most likely see our band and collectors. We play carols to spread the Christmas cheer and collect money every year to support the work we do in our local community and our Christmas Appeal (Christmas is a particulalry busy time for The Salvation Army). Our band splits off into smaller groups and station themselves around. Keep and eye on our social media and this website for details of where we will be carolling and when. We'd love to see you! Feel free to take photos, videos and selfies. And don't hesitate to ask questions about what we do or just have a chat. 

Here are a few pictures we found from last years carolling programme


Liverpool Walton Band Christmas Carolling


Liverpool Walton Band Christmas Carolling


Toy Service

Toy Service 2017 - In aid of the Salvation Army's Christmas Toy and Gift Appeal 2017

Sunday 3rd December at 10.30am


Community Carol Concert 2017

Community Carol Concert 2017 - A concert capturing the joyous spirit of Christmas through carols, readings, dance, music and traditional nativity - Sunday 10th December

Afternoon Concert - 2.30pm

Evening Concert - 5.30pm

Free tickets will be available from our Community Office in November. More details to come. 


Traditional Carol Service

Traditional Corps Carol Service - An evening of classic carols, seasonal readings, and traditional nativity tableau. Please join us for hot drinks and homemade mince pies afterwards. More details to come. 

Sunday 17th December at 4.00pm


Christmas Day Service

Celebrate together in our Christmas Day Morning Worship

Monday 25th December 2017 at 10.30am


Liverpool Walton Band of The Salvation Army

The Liverpool Walton Band of Salvation Army is a group of talented and dedicated brass players and is about 25 in size. Players are all members of the church and range in age from mid-teens to 80+. Members share a desire to praise God through playing. The band was established in 1885, 4 years after the corps opening. Still today, over 130 years later, the band plays an essential part in our worship at Liverpool Walton, and in delivering the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people in Liverpool. The band is currently under the leadership of Bandmaster Peter Elliott. The Band can be seen bringing the message of the gospel at events in the city, such as LightNight, religious festivals like the Pentecost Pageant and at Christmas which is a particularly busy time for the band.

Liverpool Walton Band of The Salvation Army


​Liverpool Walton Songster Brigade

The Liverpool Walton Songster Brigade was established in 1921, almost 100 years ago, and is our senior choir. It currently consists of about 50 passionate members ranging in age from early-teens to 80+. The songsters bring the message of the gospel to people through singing and can be heard each Sunday during our meetings. The Songsters play a vital role in our worship. The brigade is currently under the leadership of our Songster Leader, Lynsey Lacey, and Deputy Songster Leader, Kevin Elliott. The songsters often take part in special events and deliver programmes to churches and other Salvation Army corps all over the UK. In 2001, Liverpool Walton Songsters travelled down south to take part in the Boscombe Easter Convention where they sang the song 'Easter Tale' which had been specially written for them by Wayne and Darren Bartlett. They have even travelled over-seas, like when the brigade travelled to Holland to deliver programmes there.

Liverpool Walton Songster Brigade

​On Saturday 4th November at 7pm, our songsters will be in concert at Wigan Salvation Army, as the people at Wigan celebrate their corps anniversary.

Ever heard our Songsters sing? Come see us! 

Donation of £3 on entrance 

For more information, call Wigan Salvation Army on 01942 826461 / 253080 or email their officer at 

Wigan Salvation Army - 2 Sholes Crossing, Wigan, WN1 3QJ


​Liverpool Walton Singing Company

The Liverpool Walton Singing Company is the junior choir and was established in the early 1900’s. It consists of 16 members, their age raging between 7 and mid-teens. The Singing Company takes part in worship each week and delivers the gospel to our congregation through some truly fantastic songs. The Singing Company is currently under the leadership of our Singing Company Leader, Kat Swan.  


Liverpool Walton Young Peoples Band

The Liverpool Walton Y.P. Band (our junior band) was commissiomed in 1892 and is another important section at Liverpool Walton, inspiring the younger generation through brass music. They are about 20 in size and take part in worship on the first Sunday of each month. The Y.P. Band is currently under the leadership of our Young Peoples Band Leader, Neil Lacey, and Assistant Young Peoples Band Leader, Steph Samuel, not to mention a team of helpers constantly tutoring new members to play their instruments. The Singing Company and Y.P. Band work closely together and much is planned for them to take part in, in the future.


​The Worship Band

The worship band at Liverpool Walton is responsible for our modern and contemporary worship. The worship band consists of about 10 members. They lead several songs during Sunday meetings. Instruments include piano, keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, drums, brass and vocals. The worship band leads the congregation in songs produced by the likes of Hillsong, Spring Harvest, LIFE Worship and many other contemporary Christian artists.


Liverpool Walton Sections - Oldies

Liverpool Walton Salvation Army Band in 1911

Liverpool Walton Salvation Army Band in 1911


Liverpool Walton War-time Band in 1916


Liverpool Walton Songster Brigade in 1924
Liverpool Walton Songster Brigade in 1924. This picture, taken nearly 100 years ago shows the spirit of our church that still exists today. Look at all those laughing and joking faces!


Liverpool Walton Songster Brigade circa. 1920s
Liverpool Walton Songster Brigade circa. 1920s


Liverpool Walton Singing Company and YP Band in 1933
Liverpool Walton Singing Company and YP Band in 1933


Liverpool Walton Band circa. 1930s
Liverpool Walton Band circa. 1930s


Liverpool Walton Band in 1981
Liverpool Walton Band in 1981. Bandmaster - Brian Twist


Liverpool Walton Songster Brigade in 1981

Liverpool Walton Songster Brigade in 1981. Songster Leader - Tony Stephens


Liverpool Walton Singing Company in 1981
Liverpool Walton Singing Company in 1981. Singing Company Leader - Avis Elliott


Liverpool Walton YP Band in 1981
Liverpool Walton Young Peoples Band in 1981. YP Band Leader - Kevin Elliott


Liverpool Walton Timbrel Brigade in 1981
Liverpool Walton Timbrel Brigade in 1981. Timbrel Leader - Betty Elliott


Liverpool Walton Home League Singers in 1981
Liverpool Walton Home League Singers in 1981. Home League Singers Leader - Mary Elliott


Prayer changes things! Here at Liverpool Walton, we have a committed group of people within our church who will pray for someone as soon as they possibly can. There will always be someone within the building who is willing to pray with you upon request and offer pastoral support. If you would like the church to pray for you or for a situation you find yourself in, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff or leave a prayer note on the prayer requests notice board in the Prayer Room. Prayers can be left anomalously if you prefer.

Our Prayer Room is open throughout the week during the centres opening times and is a very calm and tranquil place.

Please feel free to use the Prayer Room for quiet reflection and prayer.


Latest News

Harvest Weekend 2017

Harvest... absolutely amazing! We started our Harvest Festival celebrations with a delicious meal together, hosted by the Girl Guides. We enjoyed each other's company and listened to some lovely music. We had Allerton Brass with us for the evening. They started by playing 'Fanfare of Praise' with our own band, and then played another two pieces for us. We also had our very own House Band, formed within our youth group, who played some Daft Punk and Beatles music.

Sunday was just as awesome. Packed hall, God-centred worship and loads of very kind doantions towards our own Foodbank and fresh produce which was delivered to local families in need by James (Photograph below)

We would like to say a huge thank you to Chris, Dot, Emma, Tor, Ben, James and the rest of the kitchen staff, Allerton Brass, Liverpool Walton Band, the Girl Guides and anyone else involved in helping the weekend to run smoothly.

This weekend was a perfect reminder that we have so much to be thankful to God for.












Enrolments, Recognitions and Commissions

What a fantastic Sunday we had on 10th September. Our worship hall was packed to capacity as we celebrated the enrolment of Matthew, Ben and Tor as Senior Soldiers and the recognition of Zahra and Laura as Adherent Members. We also commissioned two new local officers, James as Assistant Corps Sergeant Major and Amanda as Assistant Corps Treasurer. We pray that God will work through them as they carry on with their Christian journeys. Good things are happening at Liverpool Walton!

Enrolments, Recognitions and Commissions









Young People's Anniversary 2017

Fantastic morning at Liverpool Walton as we celebrated our Young People's Anniversary. 64 children who attend on a Sunday and come to our Kidz Club received a book. The Singing Company sang 'The Lord our God is with You' beautifully as usual and the YP Band also sounded amazing as they played 'Send the Fire'. A big thank you goes to Major Kathy Woodhouse who came all the way from London to lead worship. Another big thank you to our children's leader Sylvia and the rest of our Young People's Team. We thank God for blessing our church with so many children.


Visit of Fanfara

What a amazing weekend we’ve had hosting Fanfara as they celebrated their 10th anniversary with us. Fanfara is a band of both current and former Salvation Army bandsmen and women who share a talent and passion for playing brass band music. On Saturday night they conducted a concert, playing many pieces including 'On the March', 'Amazed', 'Spirit of the Army' and 'Fusion'. We were also able to raise £140+ for the Salvation Army Big Collection though selling drinks, cookies, ice creams and much more. Sunday worship was equally as awesome. 160 of us packed the hall to the limits to worship and think about what shape we are as individuals and as a church. We heard from Fanfara as they played Such Love, In God’s Presence and Guardian of my Soul. We also heard from our own Songster Brigade, Singing Company and YP Band. All was topped off with an excellent lunch. Thanks to Fanfara for bringing such a fantastic weekend and everyone else who helped out with the organisation of the weekend.

Fanfara visit to Liverpool Walton Salvation Army



Fanfara visit to Liverpool Walton Salvation Army


Fanfara visit to Liverpool Walton Salvation Army


Fanfara visit to Liverpool Walton Salvation Army


Cherish Conference 2017

At the start of June, our group of 120 girls left for the Cherish Conference in Leeds. Hosted by LIFE Church based in Bradford, the speakers included Charlotte Gambill, Alex Seely and Darlene Zschech who also led worship along with Martin Smith and LIFE church worship team. The atmosphere was incredible, the teaching excellent and the worship purely God centred as we considered being .... ONE. A wonderful experience for many of us that will impact the days to come. 'We who are many, are never more powerful than when we are ONE.'










Visit of the AUS Territorial Youth Band of The Salvation Army and Silvie Paladino to Liverpool Walton

At the end of May, we had the pleasure of hosting the AUS Territorial Youth Band from The Salvation Army in Australia and Silvie Paladino whilst they were on their tour of the UK Territory of The Salvation Army. The youth band performed at the Isla Galdstone Bandstand in Stanley Park in the afternoon following a lunch back at our building where they met some of the youth from our own church. The sun was out and the park was heaving which meant hundreds heard the band. In the evening, we enjoyed a concert by the band and Silvie which was absolutely fantastic. There was a beautiful mix of song and music. We were all blown away by Silvie's singing and testimony.

Thank you to the amazing bunch from the band and Silvie! We had a great time with you all, you were wonderful! We appreciated your skill, hard work and friendliness. It was great to get to know you. But most of all we are so glad that your message was clear - Christ is enough!  Amen!

Visit of the AUS Terriotrial Youth Band and Silvie Paladino to Liverpool Walton Salvation Army


Visit of the AUS Terriotrial Youth Band and Silvie Paladino to Liverpool Walton Salvation Army


Visit of the AUS Terriotrial Youth Band and Silvie Paladino to Liverpool Walton Salvation Army



Community Centre & Courses

We've been running our Community Centre since 2005. We currently host a number of courses each day ran by Liverpool City Council Adult Learning Service, WEA and many other organisations. The courses vary from IT, Art, Dressmaking and History to English and Maths. Please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email for further information about the latest courses. 

If you would like to rent a room for a course or conference etc. please see the 'Room Hire' section of our website for details.

Below are the new courses due to start in September 2017

Liverpool Walton Salvation Army Courses Sept 2017


Liverpool Walton Salvation Army Courses Sept 2017


Job Club


Liverpool Local History - Medieval Liverpool

Computer & iPad Classes


The Alpha Course

Explore life, faith and meaning

The Alpha Course, beginning Tuesdays 12th September (9 week course)

7.15pm for a 7.30pm start

Includes a light supper


Alpha at Liverpool Walton Salvation Army


Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. Alpha is run all around the globe, and everyone's welcome. It runs in cafés, churches, universities, homes—you name it. No two Alphas look the same, but generally they have three key things in common: food, a talk and good conversation.

For more information about Alpha, check out their website at



The Hub Coffee Shop

The Hub Coffee Shop has been open since 2013 and is run entirely by a group of hard working volunteers from our church. The hub offers a range of reasonably priced snacks, hot and cold beverages and some tasty lunches as well as a listening ear.  

The Hub Coffee Shop is open Monday to Thursday (9.00am – 3.00pm)

Please note that The Hub Coffee Shop is only open during term times and therefore is closed throughout all school holidays.

Food Hygiene Rating – 5/5 (Very Good) by Food Standards Agency


A warm welcome awaits all students at Liverpool Walton! Liverpool has 3 large universities, University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool Hope University. Liverpool also has the City of Liverpool College and LIPA as well as Edge Hill University just down the road in Ormskirk.

At Liverpool Walton we have the privilege of welcoming many students studying in Liverpool to our church each year. We have a fantastic bunch of youth, students and graduates who’d make you feel really welcome.

If you are coming to study in Liverpool and are looking for a church or looking to continue worshipping at a Salvation Army corps, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by phone, email or social media. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have about our church or student life in Liverpool.

Our Corps Youth Secretary, Chris, studied in Liverpool at University of Liverpool only a few years ago and our Student Contact/Assistant Corps Sergeant Major, James, is currently studying in Liverpool at Liverpool John Moores University. They are happy to answer any questions you may have. Their contact details are below...

Email our CYS, Chris Longmore -

Email our Student Contact, James Griffiths -

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Free Sunday dinners easily arranged!!! 

Students at Liverpool Walton Salvation Army

Room Hire

At Liverpool Walton, we have a number of agencies and groups who rent our rooms. Ours rooms are available for hire from Monday to Thursday (9.00am - 5.00pm).

To see a map of our building, please scroll to the end of this Room Hire section. 

There are buffet options available for all of the rooms below at some extra cost.

To book a room or for more information, please contact Jeanette Griffiths (Community Programme Co-ordinator) by calling our Community Office on 0151 525 4785 or via email - 

Our Facilities

Main Worship Hall - ideal for conferences, award ceremonies, school assemblies & productions, examinations and gala/banquet meals etc. The Worship Hall has a large alterable stage and soundproof facilities for children. There is a large Yamaha grand piano, amps for bass guitars and electric accoustic guitars and a drum kit. The AV system is relatively up to date and includes 4 hand-held mics, 2 head-set mics, stage mics and a soundboard for mixing these channels (and channels for PC sound, CD Player, Aux Cable), stage monitors, screen & OHP and white & coloured lighting. There is a Loop system for those with hearing aids. The AV system in the Worship Hall is connected to screens and speakers in the foyer. These can be used or switched off. The Worship Hall costs £30/hour.

Capacity: Theatre Style - 250, Cabaret Style - 100. 



Secondary (YP) Hall - ideal for use as for conferences, a classroom and for childrens activities. There is a servery area through the wall to Kitchen 1. The Youth Hall costs £20/hour

Capacity: Theatre Style - 80, Cabaret Style - 54. 


Worship Hall with Expansion Zone (Secondary Hall)

The wall between the Main Worship Hall and the Secondary Hall is a bi-folding wall and can be opened to increase the size of the Main Worship Hall from 228m² to 320m². This setting is ideal for the larger conferences and events we host and for examinations etc. In terms of multimedia, there are speakers in the expansion zone that are linked the main sound system. There are no screens but the screen in the Main Worship Hall can still be clearly seen. The ceiling in the expansion zone is a dropped/suspended ceiling and so is lower than the ceiling in the Main Worship Hall, but again this doesn’t obstruct acoustics or view. The Main Worship Hall with Expansion Zone costs £40/hour

Capacity: Theatre Style - 350, Cabaret Style - 160

Main Worship Hall with Expansion Zone

Main Worship Hall with Expansion Zone


Main Worship Hall with Expansion Zone

Main Worship Hall with Expansion Zone


Main Worship Hall with Expansion Zone


Community Hall - ideal for conferences, a classroom, a training room and a canteen. There is servery area through the wall to Kitchen 2. The Community Hall costs £20/hour

Capacity: Theatre Style - 56, Cabaret Style - 40.



IT Suite - Conisists of 11 Lenovo PC's with Windows 10. The room also has a Smart Board with OHP, 2 HP  laser jet printers and 2 HP scanners. This room costs £25/hour.


GP2 - ideal for use as a classroom, larger meeting room and training room. GP2 has a sink and worktop area as well as its own private WC. This room costs £20/hour.

Capacity: Theatre Style - 20, Cabaret Style - 12.


GP3 - ideal for use as a classroom, larger meeting room and training room. GP3 has a sink and worktop area as well as its own private WC. This room costs £20/hour.

Capacity: Theatre Style - 20, Cabaret Style - 12.


Kitchen - ideal for culinary courses for around 8 people and for catering for your own event, Kitchen 2 is the largest kitchen of the 3 in our building. The kitchen is fully equipped, containing refrigerators, freezers, a large gas oven and 6 ring hob (with industrial extractor fan), a chinaware warmer & heated buffet server (6 buffet pans), a gas chip fryer, a gas grill, a microwave, 3 sinks (hand wash, utensil wash & food wash), a hot water urn and a large dish washer. Utensils such as knives, rolling pins, pots, pans and trays etc are available.

We provide cleaning products (washing up liquid and sterilising surface spray) and tea towels. There are plates (small, medium and large), bowls, mugs, glasses and cutlery etc also available. In the centre of the kitchen are 2 stainless steel prep tables. Toasters and smaller kettles etc can be provided.

This kitchen has one serving hatch opening to the Community Hall.  

Kitchen 1 costs £15/hour


Small Meeting Room - ideal for small meetings of up to 6 people or a one to one room. This rooms costs £10/hour.


The Lounge - a modern and comfotable setting with sofa seating for 18/22 people. The Lounge has 4 large oak coffee tables and a Plasma Screen TV with Freeview and a DVD Player. There is a servery area through the wall to Kitchen 1. This room costs £18/hour. 


Car Parking - We have 2 car parks at Liverpool Walton, consisting of 40 spaces, plus plenty of street parking. Car Park A (front of building) has 10 spaces and Car Park B (Back of building), which is shared with the Childrens Centre next door, has 30 spaces. There is disabled parking in both car parks. CCTV cameras cover both car parks. Vehicles are left in the car parks at the owners risk. The Salvation Army will not take responsibility for theft or damage to vehicles. 

Meet the people

our church leaders are committed to transforming the lives of people in their community

Major Jim Duff

Church Leader

Major Sharon Duff

Church Leader

Heather Elliott

Corps Sergeant Major

Jeanette Griffiths

Community Programme Co-ordinator & Recruiting Sergeant

Becky McGinnigle

Community Support Worker

Gill Collings

Community Administrator

Graham Turner

Corps Treasurer

Geoff Kendal

Stewardship Secretary

Peter Elliott


Lynsey Lacey

Songster Leader

Kevin Elliott

Corps Strategy Council

Glyn Griffiths

Corps Strategy Council

Megan Birchley

Corps Strategy Council

Sylvia Wills

Young People's Sergeant Major

Chris Longmore

Corps Youth Secretary

Kat Swan

Singing Company Leader

Neil Lacey

Young People's Band Leader