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Kids Alive!

Kids Alive! - the UK's only weekly Christian comic - is filled with jokes, competitions, Bible-based cartoons and much more...

This week - 23 June 2018 issue

In this week's Kids Alive!

  • Join in the National Writing Day fun and get writing!
  • The walls of Jericho come tumbling down in KA! JAM’s Bible Cartoon.
  • Read about a man who survived seven lightning strikes in It’s a Date!
  • Four fab books are up for grabs in our Buster Know-How Competition!
  • Check out Your Space for Readers Profiles and alive kids’ news.


KA! JAM (Kids Alive! Jesus And Me) is an exciting club for children aged 7+ who want to learn more about Jesus.

Join KA! JAM and you'll become part of the coolest gang around. You can do puzzles, make friends and learn lots of great stuff about being a Christian. Not only that, but it's free to join! 

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Editor: Justin Reeves

Deputy Editor: Cara Mott

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