International Development Week

At Home With International Development

2020 is the first year that International Development have a week in the territorial calendar. We would love for you to explore our different thematic areas with the resources that we have available below.

Introduction to International Development Week 2020 Podcast


Monday 26th October - Mission Support

Podcast with Francine O'Hanlon (released Monday 26th)


Tuesday 27th October - Clean Water

Podcast with Violet Ruria (released Tuesday 27th)

At Home with Clean Water


Wednesday 28th October - Food Security

Podcast with Ben Cotterill (released Wednesday 28th)

At Home with Food Security

Helping-Hand 2021 Discussion with Aimee Margott and Liz Hall (released Wednesday 28th)


Thursday 29th October - Income Generation

Podcast with Violet Ruria (released Thursday 29th)

At Home with Income Generation


Friday 30th October - Anti-Trafficking

Podcast cast with Anne Gregora (released Friday 30th)

At Home with Anti-Trafficking


Saturday 31st October - Gender Justice

Podcast with Tribeni Gurung (released Saturday 31st)

At Home with Gender Justice


Sunday 1st November - Emergency Response

Podcast with Jason Emmett (released Sunday 1st)

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