Meet Sherry


Sherry is a single mum of three boys, who attend The Salvation Army’s children’s summer camp from Monday to Friday during the six week holidays.

“I supposed I have been connected to The Salvation Army for about 10 years now. I did the cookery course first. I found out about it from the children’s centre and they referred me. It was great and I learnt lots of tips for cooking well on a budget.

“As the boys have got older, Carole (the Maidstone SA family worker) got them into the summer camps. The boys absolutely love camp, even though there are no screens available!  They come back buzzing, telling me all about it. And it is good for me too as I get a break. I do miss them though!”

She volunteers regularly at the local Fusion Healthy Living Café sometimes doing a few hours every weekday. Sherry suffers from a long term health condition, which means that she is unable to work full time.

“Money is tight so I have to be very careful.  Food shopping is tricky.  Christmas is hard but I get help from The Salvation Army.  The boys each get presents and as a family we get a box of goodies. When my mother was alive, she used to spoil the boys.  I can’t do that now so the gifts from The Salvation Army really help.  But Christmas is not about what you get or give, it’s about spending time with the people that matter to you.  I have an open house on Christmas day and lots of friends pop in and out.  We spend time in our Onesies!”

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