Corporate and Employee Fundraising

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Fundraise at work!

Taking part in employee fundraising not only supports the vital work of The Salvation Army, but also enhances your corporate culture by boosting staff morale and unity.

This shared purpose brings colleagues together, infusing your workplace with a sense of fulfilment and togetherness. Whether it's a fundraising event in the office, hosting a bake sale, or even volunteering at one of The Salvation Army churches, there are so many ways to get involved and make a direct impact in your community.

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Why fundraise for the Salvation Army ?

  • Share comfort and joy: Help us spread warmth and kindness to those who need it.
  • Help to combat homeless and hunger: Join our mission to ensure that no one is homeless, hungry, or lonely. 
  • Community initiatives: Our efforts include providing meals and warm spaces for local communities. 
  • Protecting rough sleepers: We’re working tirelessly to offer beds, emergency provisions, and support to those without shelter. 
Nationwide fundraising for The Salvation Army
“We chose to support The Salvation Army because we wanted to support a charity that encapsulates what it means to support people through any circumstance or vulnerability they may be facing without any judgement and discrimination”
Nationwide St. Albans
Salvation Army volunteers tagging items for charity shop

Ways to get involved

Are you looking for ideas on how to fundraise at your work? Here are some of our favourite ideas: 

  • Sports tournament: Arrange a friendly sports tournament among different departments or teams within the company. Participants can pay an entry fee, and spectators can contribute through donations or ticket sales.
  • Fitness challenge: Organise a month-long fitness challenge where employees can participate in various activities such as running, cycling, or yoga. Participants can gather sponsorships per mile or activity completed.
  • Volunteer day: Coordinate a volunteer day where employees can spend time giving back to the community through activities such as serving meals at one of our churches, or volunteering at a charity shop.
  • Bake sale or auction: Host a bake sale where employees can donate homemade treats or organise an auction for donated items or experiences. Colleagues can bid on items or purchase treats, and proceeds go towards the cause.
  • Learn a new skill: Organise a workshop where employees can learn a new skill, such as pottery or painting. Charge a fee for participation and donate the proceeds.

Once you have chosen your fundraiser, set up your JustGiving page and start raising funds today. 

Have something else in mind?

We'd love to hear your fundraising ideas! Get in touch with our Community & Events Fundraising team.

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