Feeding Hope - Challenge 750

Take on ‘Challenge 750’ to support The Salvation Army’s food security projects – feeding hope to farmers from generation to generation.

In 2019, close to 750 million – or nearly one in ten people in the world – were exposed to severe levels of food insecurity

For farmers in Zimbabwe, a good crop means they can feed their families. Yet as the changing climate makes weather unpredictable, some tried and trusted methods of growing crops have begun failing small-scale farmers.

The Salvation Army is providing training in simple and sustainable farming techniques to help farmers make the best use of their land and overcome food insecurity.

Challenge 750: Choose your challenge

750 minute dance-athon / bake-athon

🌱 Get sponsored to dance the night away in a living room disco, or have a non-stop baking day! You could take part with others and share the experience over Zoom or live stream your challenge on social media.

750 hours without…

🌱 Could you give up your favourite treat for just over a month? Invite friends and family to sponsor you to live without chocolate/ coffee/ sweets/ TV for 750 hours.

750 miles in a month

🌱 Team up as a community group or corps to run/walk/skip 750 miles in a month. Each person can take as many miles as they can manage and add their miles to the team total.

750 x …

🌱 Could you do 750 sit-ups or star jumps in a certain timeframe? Or plant 750 seeds in your garden? Create your own ‘750’ challenge and raise money to support The Salvation Army’s work tackling food insecurity around the world.

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Feeding Hope

Helping Hand Appeal 2021 focuses on supporting families and their communities, feeding hope to farmers now and for generations to come.

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