Modern slavery policy

Modern slavery is when one person obtains or holds another person in forced service. Forced service is often brought about through mental, physical and/or sexual threat or abuse.

Modern Slavery Policy

Modern slavery occurs in a range of settings, often in plain sight through cheap commercial services, including nail salons, car washes, and construction projects.

In recent years, the number of identified victims of modern slavery has increased dramatically. According to the Government’s latest figures, 6,573 adults and children were identified as victims of modern slavery in the UK in 2018. 

The Salvation Army is dedicated to eliminating modern slavery both in the UK and internationally. As part of the church and charity’s role in this effort, the Public Affairs & Social Policy Unit is responsible for developing evidence-based solutions to current and emerging issues around modern slavery and for promoting these solutions at a local and national level through our campaigns.

To develop evidence-based solutions, the Social Policy Team works closely with the Army's Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery Unit, as well as other sub-contractors within the Victim Care Contract, to identify emerging trends and establish best practice. 

To promote these solutions, the Public Affairs Team works in partnership with key stakeholders, including politicians, civil servants, and other third sector organisations and campaigners, to influence local, national, and international decision makers.

Through this combined effort, the Public Affairs & Social Policy Unit aims to ensure that people are:

  • prevented from becoming victims of modern slavery;
  • protected following experiences of modern slavery; and
  • prosecuted if they have enslaved others.

Key areas of focus for our current modern slavery campaign include:

  • clarifying the immigration status of victims of modern slavery;
  • developing sustainable pathways and referral routes so that victims of modern slavery can gain access to specialist services, including housing and mental health; and
  • incorporating stronger risk assessment procedures and monitoring of reintegration into the Voluntary Returns Service so that survivors of modern slavery who wish to return home can do so safely.   

Further information about our current campaigns, research, and responses to consultations and inquiries, across homelessness, employment and social security, and modern slavery can be found using the below tiles. 

Protect survivors rights

We will keeping fighting for victims of modern slavery

Modern slavery

We provide specialist support for adult victims of modern slavery.


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Campaigning and policy

Working with decision makers to ensure the views of vulnerable people are heard.

Survivor of modern slavery

Protect survivors rights

Victims of modern slavery need our help now more than ever, as a new law could make it harder for them to access support to help them escape their captors.

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