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Everyday, The Salvation Army helps families unable to escape poverty because Government support systems are failing. We are calling on the Government to give families the help they need. 

During certain times of year like summer, the lack of free school meals and cost of school uniforms push some families into greater hardship and poverty."

New research shows that 43% of parents are worried that the cost of the summer holidays and preparing their children to go back to school after the summer holiday will put them into financial difficulty. 

Sign our petition today and stand alongside the millions of families across the UK trapped in poverty.

A group of primary school age children are eating luunch at a picnic table, the image is focused on one little girl with brown curly hair tied in a ponytail. She is wearing a purple t-shirt and pink heart shaped glasses. She's laughing and looking at someone off camera.
We don’t want children to just survive summer holidays with three square meals and uniform that fits for the new term; we want them to thrive, play, explore and relax.
Lieutenant Colonel Nick Coke

14.4 million households across the country live hand to mouth because they can't afford the basics like housing, heating and three meals a day. 

The most vulnerable families can no longer rely on the welfare safety net to provide the very basics like enough money to eat and pay rent.

The Government must invest in ensuring the poorest of parents can afford to feed and house their children and access help into employment and affordable childcare. 

Join us in urging the government to prioritise families and help lift them out of poverty. 

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