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What's On

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  • 11am Morning Worship

    • A lively mixture of prayer, praise, music and readings from the bible
    • Service lasts for around 1 hour followed by tea and coffee (and biscuits) in the Whitchurch Room
    • Contibutions to this service by children and youth.
    • Accompaning music by the Salvation Army Band and piano with additional music by the Songsters (Choir)


  • 5pm Prayer Meeting - The Salvation Army prayer team Basingstoke

    • Would you like us to pray for you?

    • Prayer makes a busy life easier

    • We gather every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month between 4 - 5pm at the Salvation Hall (Whitchurch Room)

  • 6.30pm Evening Worship


  • Monday

    • 9.30am Employment Plus local
      • Where? Upstairs at the Salvation Army Hall, Wessex Close
      • When? Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 09.30am to 12.30
      • We offer resource to find jobs on line, create a CV, formulate a covering letter, create an e mail account.
      • Help with fiiling in forms and access to a free phone with individual help.
      • In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with help from people who care and have time for you.
    • Who? Anyone can attend if they are looking for work.
    • 1.30pm Baby Song
      Fortnightly in term time (please call for dates)
      • BABY-SONG is an Inter-Active Group for Mums (Parents) and Babies to enyoy the many different facets of music together and be introduced to, and learn to appreciate, the many benifits that music can have in the very early years of childhood
      • Children can never be introduced to music too early - the earlier the better - as it can be a tremendous learning aid
      • The BABY-SONG Group is open to children of all ages from birth to school age. The session is approximately one hour long followed by refreshments for both the chidren and parents.
      • A fee of £1.50 per family is charged for the whole session.
      • Tuesdays
      • 10.30am Over 50s Fellowship (Alternate weeks)
        • Just come along and enjoy good fellowship and friendship.
        • A light lunch (optional) is provided at a cost of £1.50 at 12.00 noon.
        • Activities include singing, quizzes, talks from speakers, board games, film watching, going on outings etc.
        • Meet new friends and have fun and laughter together.
        • A club for over 50's meets weekly at 10.30 for tea or coffee followed by the club meeting at 11.00am
        • 8pm Songsters (Choir Practice) Note: No Songster Tuesday practice during August
          • A time to practise and learn new songs to be sung in the weekly meetings
  • Wednesday

    • 9.30am - 12.30pm Employment Plus Local - Please see details listed on Monday
    • 10.30am - 12pm Coffee Stop
      • Every Wednesday morning, Coffee Stop takes place between 10.30am and 12.00 noon
      • We enjoy tea/coffee, and lovely cakes baked by volunteers.
      • Good fellowship, sometimes laughter, and sometimes sharing problems.
      • Anyone is welcome so come along and see what goes on for yourself.
  • Thursday

    • 9.45am - 11.30am Family Time (Parents & Toddler Club)
      • Term time only
    • 12.45pm Lunch Club - Alternate Thursdays
      • By appointment held every Thursday for Senior Citizens
      • 3 Course meal provided at a cost of £3.50
      • Places limited, for more information please contact Phyl Blunden on 01256 353489
    • 2.30pm -  Home League
      • This is a weekly meeting for ladies (but gentlemen are not excluded)
      • The following four aims are included a) Worship, b) Education, c) Fellowship, d) Service
      • The role of women in society over the years has been a big influence and the Home League provides a Christian influence in all subjects
      • A friendly atmosphere is created during the meeting, with singing and interesting talks.
      • Held weekly on thursdays between 2.30pm and 3.30pm and includes a cup of tea - Everyone is welcome to come along
    • 8pm Band Practice  Note, no Thursday practice during August
  • Friday

    • 9.30am - 12.30pm Employment Plus Local - Please seedetails listed on Monday
    • 10am Bible Fellowship
      • 1st and 3rd Fridays in the month - we do not meet in August
    • 2.30pm Home League Fellowship at Seeviours Court, Whitchurch, RG28 7EA
      • 2nd Friday in the month - we do not meet in August

                      5.30pm Messy Church

Wessex Close Basingstoke RG21 3NP
United Kingdom
Phone: 01256 328178


  • Healing on the Streets.
  • Open House Church, Basingstoke
  • For children around the world.
  • For our Japan Territory, especially for the preaching of God's Word to be powerful, clear, and Holy Spirit empowered; for renewed commitment of officers and soldiers to reach the lost with the Gospel of the Risen Christ; for a commitment to unity amid growing diversity in Japan; for a culture of discipling will grow with making disciples is seen as urgent and essential; for courageous faith to be lived out by officers and soldiers; and for the prayers of officers and soldiers to be grounded in Biblical truths, vision, and humility.






Events April & Beyond



Sunday 14 April

Palm Sunday

9:45-10:45am | Grid Group

10-10:30am | Outreach Ministry - Basingfields (Leader: Gail Westwood-Payne)

11am-12:15pm | Morning Worship - What Kind of King? (Matthew 21:1-11)

11:30-12:15pm approx | Sunday School

5-6pm | Prayer Group (Leader: Sue Ebenezer)

6:30-7:45pm | Evening Worship - The Servant King? That Makes No Sense! (Philippians 2:5-11)


Monday 15 April

9:30am-12:30pm | Employment Plus

No Baby Song until 29 April

7:30-9:30pm | Fellowship Band Rehearsal (Reading Lower Earley)


Tuesday 16 April

10:30am-12 noon | Over 50s Club

12 noon-1pm | Light Lunch

No Young People's Choir Practice

No Songsters Practice


Wednesday 17 April

9:30am-12:30pm | Employment Plus

7:30-8:45pm | Holy Week Meditation in Music


Thursday 18 April

No Family Time until Thursday 25 April

No Luncheon Club

No Home League

No Band Practice


Friday 19 April

Good Friday

11am-12:15pm | Good Friday meeting | Three Days That Changed the World - The Cross? So What? (Mark 15:33-41) (coffee and hot cross buns served from 10:15am approximately)

2:30-3:15pm | Home League Fellowship - Seeviours Court, Whitchurch (rearranged from last week)


Sunday 21 April

Easter Sunday

8:30-10am | Easter Breakfast (please sign up on the noticeboard for catering purposes and note that breakfast will be served promptly at 8:30am)

10:30-11:45am (please note earlier start time) | Easter Morning Worship - Is There No Hope for Me? (Mark 16:1-8)

11:00-11:45am approx | Sunday School

6:30-7:45pm | Easter Songs of Praise - A Fitting Memorial (Mark 16:1-8)


Monday 22 April

Easter Bank Holiday

No Activities


Tuesday 23 April

No Over 50s Club

No Light Lunch

Listen to announcements concerning Young People's Choir Practice and Songsters Practice


Wednesday 24 April

9:30am-12:30pm | Employment Plus

10:30am-12 noon | Coffee Stop


Thursday 25 April

9:45-11:30am | Family Time

12:30-2pm | Luncheon Club

2:15-3:45pm | Home League

Listen to announcements concerning Band Practice


Friday 26 April

9:30am-12:30pm | Employment Plus

5:30-7pm | Messy Church - By the Sea


Sunday 28 April

9:45-10:45am | Grid Group

10-10:30am | Outreach Ministry - Magnolia Court (Leader: Derek Blunden)

11am-12:15pm | Morning Worship | Relationships Worth Fighting For - Fighting for a Great Family Life (Joshua 24:1-15)

11:30-12:15pm approx | Sunday School

5-6pm | Prayer Group (Leader: TBC)

6:30-7:45pm | Evening Worship | How to Let Our Corps Grow - Meeting Others Needs (James 2:8-19)  



Saturday 4-Saturday 11 May 

Lt. Rob on furlough


Saturday 11 May 

Saturday Breakfast (prepared by the Songsters)


Sunday 12 May 

Youth Chorus specialising at Reading Lower Earley

5-6pm | Inter-Corps Fellowship at Reading Lower Earley


Wednesday 15 May 

7:30pm | Pastoral Care Council Meeting


Sunday 19 May 

Family Ministries Sunday - Meetings led by Majors Peter & Stephanie Fallows


Monday 20 May 

2:00-4pm | Home League Rally led by Majors Peter & Stephanie Fallows


Thursday 23 May 

Hall being used as Polling Station for European Elections (TBC)


Friday 24-Monday 27 May 

Divisional Children's Camp




None this week.




Computer System

If anyone is interested in helping run the computer system during Sundays Meetings, please sign up on the sheet in the foyer to receive training. The computer system is pivotal to our meetings so its helpful to have as many people available to run it as possible.

Flower list

If you would like to provide the church flowers for our Alter Table, perhaps for a special occasion (such as birthday, anniversary or remembrance please put your name against your chosen date on the list in the Whitchurch room.

Salvation Army Uniform items and Assessories

For availability of pre-loved uniform clothing and accessories please get in touch with Annie Tarry or Roy Godfrey



















Meet the people

our church leaders are committed to transforming the lives of people in their community

Rob Westwood-Payne

Lieutenant Rob Westwood-Payne

Corps Officer

Patrick Hurley

Patrick Hurley

Corps Sergeant Major

Win Hollis

Win Hollis

Corps Treasurer

Ken Kilgour

Ken Kilgour


Marilyn Kilgour

Marilyn Kilgour

Corps Secretary

Annie Tarry

Annie Tarry

Recruiting Sergeant

Alistair Todd

Alistair Todd

Songster Leader