Salvation Army mobilises to support Ukraine relief effort

published on 1 Mar 2022

As the conflict in Ukraine escalates, The Salvation Army already has people on the ground providing food, shelter, clothing, prayers and hope.

The Salvation Army has programmes and personnel in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Romania, Moldova and other European countries who were able to offer practical assistance as soon as the violence escalated.

Some rushed to the border of Ukraine to hand out urgent provisions, while others made arrangements to offer support to Ukraine’s people seeking shelter in their country.

In particular, The Salvation’s Army’s response includes:

  • Romania has formed an emergency team, filled the car with essential items and travelled to the border to offer support.
  • Moldova will provide free assistance to Ukraine’s displaced people, including temporary accommodation, hot meals and drinks, access to Wi-Fi and other necessary items.
  • Poland is preparing relief parcels for Ukrainian people coming into the country.
  • Slovakia is preparing to offer accommodation, food and drink, and emotional support.
  • The Czech Republic is already home to some 200,000 Ukrainians and anticipates many more of them will seek help from family and friends already in the country. The Salvation Army in Czech Republic has available capacity in residential centres, so they stand ready to provide support.

The Salvation Army in Ukraine reports that officers are sleeping in shelters alongside the communities they serve, but doing their best to offer hope and support.

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Ukraine Crisis Appeal

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