We are a spirit filled Corps with a desire to lead people into the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We have a passion to put our faith into action by meeting the needs of the community practically & spiritually. 

What's On

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  • 10am Morning Worship

  • 10am Tiddlywinks Church

    • (2 - 5 year olds)

  • 10:30am Sunday School for Young People

  • 11:15am Coffee/Tea in Welcome In Cafe

  • 7:45pm Youth Fellowship


The Welcome In Programme at the Salvation Army, Worthing offers a range of tailored groups to suit our community. For more information on our Community Programme and how you can get involved please contact the Reception 01903 234497.



  • 10.00am - 2:00pm Cafe
  • 10:30am Community Choir
  • 1.00pm Knit & Natter
  • 2:30pm Home League (Ladies Meeting)
  • Tuesday

    • 10.00am - 2:00pm Cafe
    • 09.30am - 2.30pm Carers Respite Service - Welcome break
    • 10:30am Prayer Meeting
    • 7:45pm Bible Study
      • Twice monthly

  • Wednesday

    • 10.00am - 2:00pm Cafe
    • 10am - 12 noon Parent and Toddler Group
    • 2.30pm Light Classical Music (last Wednesday in each month)
  • Thursday

    • 10.00am - 2:00pm Cafe
    • 09.30am - 2.30pm Carers Respite Service - Welcome Break
    • 2.30pm Cameo Club
    • 7.00pm Thursday Club
  • Friday

    • Homless Shelter from January - March 2019
    • If you would like to get involved and volunteer at the Night Shelter please contact the Reception 01903 234497
  • Saturday

    • 10am Contact Centre (family support service)
      • Fortnightly (see events for dates)

    • 10am Coffee Morning
      • Fortnightly (see events for dates)



6th Coffee Morning

7th Meeting

13th Contact Centre

14th Palm Sunday

15th/16th/17th Programme of evening events

19th Good Friday

20th Coffee Morning - Adherents

21st Easter Sunday

27th Contact Centre

28th SAY Sunday (tbc)



4th   Coffee Morning

5th   Meeting

11th  Contact Centre

12th  Candidates’ Sunday

17-19 May NCD Weekend, Kings Park Conference Centre, Northampton

19th   Third Sunday

18th   Coffee Morning

25th    Contact Centre

26th    Meeting



1st Coffee Morning

2nd Pentecost

8th Contact Centre

9th Meeting

15th Coffee Morning

16th Third Sunday

22nd Contact Centre

23rd Meeting

29th Coffee Morning

30th Meeting



6th Contact Centre

6TH Commissioning, Westminster Central Hall

7th YP Anniversary (tbc)

7th Barbecue at Goring Gap (tbc)

11th UK Officers move to new appointment

13th Coffee Morning

14th Meeting

20th Contact Centre

21st Lions Fair Annual Seafront Service

27th Coffee Morning

28th Meeting

P.M.  Songs of Praise



3rd Contact Centre

17th Contact Centre

31st Contact Centre



7th Coffee Morning (tbc)

8TH-22ND The Big Collection

14th Contact Centre

21st Coffee Morning

21st/22nd Corps 136th Anniversary

28th Contact Centre

29th Back to Church Sunday



5th    Coffee Morning

12th   Contact Centre

12th/13th Harvest Weekend

19th  Coffee Morning

26th  Contact Centre

27TH 10am – Worship led by our Divisional Leaders,          Majors Mark and Linda Herbert. 



2nd  Coffee Morning

9th Contact Centre

10TH Remembrance Sunday

16th Coffee Morning

23rd Contact Centre

30th Coffee Morning



1st Toy Service with the Scouts

4TH Annual Territorial Carol Concert, Royal Albert Hall

8th Assembly Hall Carol Service—3pm

7th Contact Centre

14th Coffee Morning

21st Contact Centre

25th Christmas Day Meeting 10.30am


Sunday Meetings are shown in bold type.


The Songsters

The Songsters is the adult choir of the Salvation Army, taking part in services and other events.

Singing is good for your health, mentally and physically, as is the fun and fellowship we share together.

Three times a year we form an "open to all" choir for specific occasions and extend the opportunity to make music to many more.

Wendy McDaniel, the leader, can be contacted via the Welcome In.

The Senior Band

The Worthing Band of the Salvation Army came into being in 1884. While General William Booth was conducting the opening services of Brighton Congress Hall, in March, an announcement was made that a warm friend and sympathiser of the Army had given a sum of money for the purchase of instruments for a band at Worthing. Apart from a short time when the band ceased to function between 1885 and 1888 due to the Worthing Riots, the band has been making music locally ever since. The main purpose is to communicate the message of the Christian Gospel through music and you will often hear the band playing in Montague Street Worthing or during the summer months at the pier head on Worthing seafront. The band plays music written mostly by Christian composers as well as both traditional and modern hymns, many of which are well known. It is the aim of the band to challenge the listener as well as encourage them on their spiritual journey.

The Salvation Army has a rich musical heritage dating back to 1878 when the first Salvation Army Band was formed and the Worthing Band, having celebrated 130 years of service, continues to build on this.

The band meets for a regular rehearsal every Thursday at 7.45pm to prepare for Sunday when the band provides accompaniment for the singing and plays a piece of music to bless, encourage and challenge the listener as a part of the service.

The band can often be found in the local area supporting Civic events such as the Remembrance Day Parade, holding concerts in local churches and cathedrals,  joint fund raising concerts with other local musical groups including the local youth concert band. The band also supports other Salvation Army centres and has undertaken tours of Switzerland, Norway and Holland.

The band totals 31 players all of whom are committed Christians. Both men and women who make up the band commit their time voluntarily and also represent a selection of professions including Company Directors, Accountancy, Information Technology, Civil Service, Engineering Teaching, Students, Banking, Pharmaceuticals Health Service and a number of retired professionals.

In recent years the band has opened its doors to anyone interested in joining for rehearsal as a guest or to simply listen to the music. If you are interested in learning more please contact Alan Slator via the Welcome In

Training Band

During recent years a Worthing Training Band of the Salvation Army was formed. The purpose of this band was to provide a forum for anyone, regardless of age, interested in learning to play an instrument or wishing to return to playing an instrument.

The Worthing Salvation Army has a rich musical heritage dating back to 1884 with the Worthing Band, having celebrated 130 years of service.  As members retire from the Senior Band there is a need for others to take their place and members of the Training Band are given the opportunity and are encouraged to transfer into the Worthing Band of the Salvation Army.

The main aim of the band along with encouraging new players is to communicate the message of the Christian Gospel through music. The band plays music written mostly by Christian composers as well as both traditional and modern hymns.

The band meets for a regular rehearsal every Thursday at 6.45 pm and participates in Sunday Youth Services when the band provides accompaniment for the singing and plays a piece of music to bless, encourage and challenge the listener as a part of the service.

The band totals 15 players all of whom are committed Christians. Everyone in the band commits their time voluntarily and the band is made up of students and older members who are representatives of various professional groups.

If you are interested in learning more please contact Steven Greenwood through the Welcome In

Community Choir

A group of around 20 people who love singing. We sing music from the Shows and easy listening charts. Everybody welcome to come for weekly practice, Monday at 10.30am. Contact the Welcome In for information on how to become involved.

Worship Group

The Worship Group consists of a small group of singers and instrumentalists who accompany and lead the congregation in Contemporary Worship songs in meetings.

The group has also lead worship in “First Sunday Church” and features prominently in a number of events throughout the year, including the Christmas Carol Concert.

Barbara Richards, the leader can be contacted via the Welcome In.

Singing Comapny

The Singing Company is our Church's choir for children from age 7.

In addition to regular involvemnt each Sunday the choir gives all of its members the opportunity to grow and develop musically and spiritually within the church, and have a lot of fun besides.

Outside of Sunday worship the choir is involved in a number of Church and community concerts and activities.

Amanda Greenwood, the leader, can be contacted via the Welcome In.

Charity Shops

Our Charity Shops in Rowlands Road & South Street, Lancing have been re-furbished and offer a great range of stylish clothing for men, women and children along with a variety of fabulous furniture, brick-a-brack, jewellery and books. Pop in to have a look and see what bargains you can find! 

Room Hire

Room Hire

Are you looking for a place to meet? We might have the exact spot for you! We are lucky to have access to a large amount of space with multiple resources that could be just right for your needs. Whether it be training days, conferences or even fitness classes we have the venue for you!

If you are interested in gaining access to our space then come and have a look around our centre and discover a place for you. Contact Major Parker on 01903 234447. 




Within the Salvation Army and more specifically the Welcome In programme, volunteers are at the heart of what we do. Without people to help we would not be able to make such a positive difference in the lives of others and we are so grateful for all the amazing and challenging work our volunteers do!

With our aim to impact more lives, there are always opportunities for people to help. We offer a variety of volunteering prospects and would love you to work with us to support our mission. If you would like to find out more about our volunteering openings please contact Reception on 01903 234447 

Meet the people

our church leaders are committed to transforming the lives of people in their community

Marian Parker


Samuel Shahzad

Captain Associate Officer

Rubina Samuel

Captain Associate Officer