Help us help people like Wayne.


Since he was 15 years old, Wayne has been homeless on and off and struggled with his mental health, which led to heroin and alcohol addiction.

With regular hostel accommodation not suitable, it was The Salvation Army’s Housing First scheme that helped Wayne make huge changes in his life. Since moving into his own home four years ago, with the support of the staff, Wayne stopped using drugs - and is looking forward to a bright future.

‘I’m doing much better, I’ve stopped using drugs. In less than 12 months I’ve drastically reduced the amount of methadone (substitute used to treat heroin addiction) I’m on. The best thing is that my daughter has come back into my life having not seen her for 20 years.’

For The Salvation Army it is unthinkable people should be living on the streets. Even in the spring, the nights can be bitterly cold and dangerous.

No one should have to live on the streets. No one should have to be alone. That’s why we won’t rest until we’ve reached out to as many suffering and vulnerable people as we can.

Thank you for donating to our appeal, whatever you can give will help us be there for the people who need us most.

91p out of every pound donated is spent on supporting vulnerable people in communities across the country.