Anti-trafficking and modern slavery

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Our anti-trafficking work takes place on an international scale. We have been protecting and caring for victims of modern slavery since The Salvation Army’s early beginnings in the 1880s, and since July 2011 we have delivered the UK government’s contract to manage support services for adult victims of modern slavery. This includes financial, legal and medical support, a safe place to stay and access to counselling and educational opportunities when needed.

The Salvation Army has also developed a Survivor Support Service, CONNECT which complements formal/governmental and voluntary services by offering additional practical and holistic support to survivors of modern slavery. The programme supports people on their journey from victim to survivor by offering them a safe space to integrate with one another, be part of a healthy community, create new life skills and make local connections.

There are a number of ways in which we are supporting survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking, and in many of these programmes our specialist staff who deliver them are supported by volunteers. 

It is extremely rewarding to be a small part of the amazing team which makes a difference to the lives of people who have often undergone such horrendous experiences.
Norree, Volunteer First Responder

The 3 areas of Volunteering that you could be a part of are:

  • Working with survivors in our Support Service, CONNECT
  • Interviewing potential victims of trafficking (for more information please contact
  • Transporting victims of trafficking to a safe place (for more information please contact 

We are looking for people who are:

  • Passionate about supporting people to move towards a positive future
  • Able to keep confidences
  • Good team players
  • Willing to undertake a disclosure check and to receive Safeguarding and other relevant training
  • In sympathy with the aims and objectives of The Salvation Army

Anti-trafficking and modern slavery oppportunities


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