Supporting refugees

refugee support

The Salvation Army has a long history offering practical support to people fleeing conflict, persecution and violence.

Just as we did over 120 years ago, today we are adapting and responding to the rise of displaced people worldwide caused by conflicts such as in Syria, Ukraine, or other humanitarian disasters.

We put our faith into action by working independently and in local partnerships to support refugees and asylum seekers after fleeing traumatic situations. We are actively involved with both refugee resettlement programmes and asylum seeker support through to campaigning so asylum seekers have the right to work.

Nasra and Nawal's Story 

It took many years for sisters Nasra and Nawal, caught up in international conflict, to arrive safely here in the UK. Finally, they have found security and peace with the help of our Community Sponsorship scheme. Watch their story below to find out how we have been able to help them rebuild their lives.

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Find out how The Salvation Army is supporting refugees through Community Sponsorship.

Refugee resettlement

We are helping refugees in communities across the country

Asylum seeker support

How we are helping to empower asylum seekers in the community

Lift the Ban

Calling on the Government to let asylum seekers work

A group of people in an airport holding a sign that reads: You are welcome

Welcoming the Stranger

A webinar exploring the ethical issues surrounding migration.