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What's On

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The Salvation Army is first and foremostly a Church - our worship is relaxed and informal and many people feel instantly 'at home' when joining us at our services:

  • 10:30am Family Worship

    • for all ages. A crèche is available most Sundays and children are especially welcome. They start the service with everybody, then leave for their own 'club' if they wish.

  • 6pm Worship and the Word

If you've never been before, our morning service for all ages at 10:30am is a good place to start. Our services always include a mix of traditional hymns and more contemporary songs, lively teaching and input from our adult and children's singing groups. All our services are followed with refreshments.

The Salvation Army uniform is only worn by some members, (those who wish to let people know that they are Christians and are there to help where they can). Many members do not wear uniform so do not be put off!


Christian faith during the week, when our doors are open to offer programmes and activities for the community.

  • Monday

    • 11am Cell group
      • Fortnightly

    • Corps officer's (church minister's) day off
  • Tuesday

    • 7:45am Prayer Meeting
    • 9am - 11am Parent and Toddler Group
    • 11am Cell group
      • Fortnightly

    • 8pm Cell group
      • Fortnightly

  • Wednesday

    • 9am - 11am Parent and Toddler Group
    • 12:30pm CAMEO lunch
      • Come and Meet Each Other

    • 2pm CAMEO
      • Come and Meet Each Other

    • 6:30pm Prayer Walking
    • 7:30pm Cell Group
      • Fortnightly

  • Thursday

    • 9am War Cry Ministry
    • 7pm Quest Fun
      • Bible based activities for year 6 and above

  • ​​Friday

    • 9am - 9pm Pray for a Day
      • 2nd Friday in month

    • 8pm Timbrels
      • Fortnightly

  • Saturday​​

    • ​9am War Cry Ministry
    • 10am - 12pm Coffee Morning

Dedications and Weddings

Some things explained!


A dedication is The Salvation Army's way to christen/baptise children. A dedication of a young child is a promise made by parents and guardians to bring their child up in a Christian home, setting a good example at all times, providing love and support, and nurture not just the child's everyday physical life, but especially their spiritual growth. Preparations and details are discussed and organised with Salvation Army Officers (ministers) at the Corps (church) of your choice.


Salvation Army weddings are as any other christian wedding, big and white or otherwise! A wedding ceremony can include traditional bits such as the white bridal dress, bridesmaids, etc, and special touches around the building such as flowers, ribbons etc. Salvation Army weddings can be led by the Officer based at the Corps, or a guest Salvation Army Officer if appropriate. Preparations and details are discussed and organised with the Salvation Army Officer at the Corps of your choice.

Families and Young People

The Salvation Army provides a range of services to support families, young people and children.

Both in a residential setting and at local church (corps) and community centres.  Many of these facilities are registered and regularly inspected by Ofsted or the relevant local authority.

Many local churches run a variety of family focused activities in their local community.  These include, parent and toddler groups, musical movement, arts and crafts and youth activities.

Messy Church

This is held monthly on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 4pm

  • It's an all-age church where everyone is valued equally
  • It provides an informal environment for all-ages to explore and experience faith and worship through crafts, food and celebration
  • It recognises we are all imperfect and lead messy lives for many reasons
  • It invites us to come together, making things together, eating together and celebrating God together
    • All children must be accompanied by an adult

Meet the people

our church leaders are committed to transforming the lives of people in their community

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