Young boy holds FIFA tournament to raise funds for cancer charity

published on 27 Oct 2014

The Salvation Army youth club in Openshaw, Manchester has helped a 12 year old organise a FIFA tournament to raise £129 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity..

The Salvation Army delivers informal mentoring to help support local young people and it was during a chat with his mentor that 12 year old Theo Uduoise mentioned that he’d like to raise money for the Royal Marsden cancer charity.

Theo explains that he didn't meet his Grandmother because she died of cancer before he was born, "I wouldn’t like any other child to be kept from knowing their grandparents because of cancer. That’s why I want to raise as much money as possible for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity." Theo went on to explain that he came up with the idea of a charity FIFA15 tournament because he and his friends enjoy playing it and it seemed a great way of getting them and other young people involved.

Pete Askew, Theo’s mentor and Project Manager at the community church said: “As a Church and charity working in the local community we have faith in young people and for 14 years we have been investing time and energy to help them reach their potential. Working with them to identify their ambitions and dreams is an important part of this. Raising money for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity is something that’s very close to Theo’s heart and we hope this experience will boost his confidence and show him what he can achieve.

“We work hard to encourage the young people we work with in Openshaw to pursue their dreams and we’re here to help support them. Theo’s a wonderful example of this and his enthusiasm for raising money is great to see.”

Pete has helped him to set up a online donation page here and total which currently stands at £129 is continuing to grow.
The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity directs donations towards cancer research, diagnosis, treatment and patient care here