Wrexham Corps’ virtual singing group supports people with dementia

published on 17 May 2021

Singing by Heart
The Salvation Army Centre in Wrexham has been running sessions for people with dementia

Members of The Salvation Army in Wrexham have been helping people with dementia by hosting virtual singing sessions throughout the pandemic.

The Corps previously ran dementia friendly activities including monthly Singing By Heart and a Forget Me Not memory café, which had to close as the lockdown came into effect.

Determined to continue supporting some of the most vulnerable in the community, they used grant money to buy equipment to deliver the sessions online.

Karen Edwards, community manager at Wrexham corps, said: “We really started to miss the interactions with this group of people. They regularly brought so much joy into our week.

“When we realised that the closure was going to last for much longer than we originally anticipated, we applied for grant funding for new equipment so we could take Singing By Heart into the care homes virtually. 

This has helped them to feel that they are not on their own
Karen Edwards, community manager

“We trialled it with one home, offering a monthly session and soon increased that to fortnightly as their residents were really enjoying it. The songs definitely ignite memories for them, which they love to share. We have yet to complete a session as planned due to the conversations and laughter that take place in between each song!

“It’s really good to see them interacting with each other and with us. The Corps is once again filled with joy and laughter, from both the participants and the leaders. There are also prayers and readings that they also take part in.

“The manager of one of the care homes told us how important it has been to be able to feel connected with us, even though we’ve not been able to meet in person.  It has been a very long and, at times, lonely year for the residents and staff, but this has helped them to feel that they are not on their own.”

Once restrictions start to lift, Karen and the Corps officers Majors Ian and Sandy Davis, hope they will be able to deliver the sessions in person again as well as support more people to get online so they can join the group remotely.

For more information on the Wrexham group please phone 01978 311076 or email wrexham@salvationarmy.org.uk. 

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