Weight-Loss MSP Donates Old Wardrobe To Salvation Army

published on 22 Jul 2014

An MSP has donated his old clothes to the Salvation Army in Dalkeith after a life-changing diet to cure his diabetes.

SNP MSP, Colin Beattie, lost 19.5 kilos on the two-month diet and after completing the gruelling 800 calorie per day diet, medical tests indicate he has managed to eliminate his diabetes.

The Midlothian MSP said: “The unfortunate consequence of losing so much weight is that none of your old clothes fit you and you’ve got to shell out on a new wardrobe. At least by donating my not-so-old clothes, someone else will be able to make good use of them.

“For my own satisfaction I've still got a wee bit weight to lose yet so I might be back sometime soon!”

The Salvation Army’s shops and recycling schemes raise millions of pounds for the charity every year. Linda Kidd, shop manager, said: “We'd like to thank Mr Beattie for his generosity. Donations like this means we can help raise even more money for The Salvation Army to help its valuable work in our communities.”

Profits from the Salvation Army’s charity shops go towards its homelessness and addiction services, care for older people, help at emergency incidents, support for adult victims of human trafficking and much more.