We nominate Commissioner Clive Adams...

published on 17 Sep 2014

Well better late than never…


After the lack of rain in London thwarted his plans to do the #RainBucketChallenge for weeks, we nominated Commissioner Clive Adams to do a #FilthyBucketChallenge instead. ‘What’s that?’ you ask.   It’s a unique take on the #ALSIceBucketChallenge - a social media fad which has of late been dominating our Facebook newsfeeds. For the #FilthyBucketChallenge, we were forced to gather ice-water from unsanitary sources to pour over the Commissioner. This process helped us understand the reality for 783 million people living in the arid lands of Africa, where communities have to resort to using unclean water.


The good news is our Watershed Project led by Salvation Army International Development is helping communities gain access to clean water again. International Development have witnessed groups of women dance for joy thanking God for the difference that this has made to the lives of them and their families. They’ve seen young boys stronger because they no longer get sick from water-borne diseases. They’ve seen little girls smarter because they are able to spend longer in school rather than having to help fetch water for the family.  

Watch the #FilthyBucketChallenge video (complete with selfies of course) and discover more about Watershed.


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