Teamwork sees young woman rehomed in Salvation Army hostel

published on 12 Aug 2021

A young woman living in a caravan overrun with mice has been rehoused in a Salvation Army Lifehouse.

Chloe Eason, 19, was referred to The Salvation Army by Lesley McNocher, her Support Manager from disability charity the Papworth Trust under their Work and Health Programme.

Pat Wilkinson is an employment development coordinator for The Salvation Army. It’s part of the charity’s Employment Plus service which looks at employability, training, wellbeing and life skills as well as work support. Pat was helping Chloe to look for work when the subject of Chloe’s living conditions at the caravan came up.

Chloe Eason
Chloe now lives in our lifehouse at Kings Ripton Court.

Pat said: “It sounded pretty awful. Chloe wanted my help to move from the caravan to somewhere she and her boyfriend could be safe. Chloe has learning difficulties so I went through the application which was started in September last year and helped her to complete it.”

Chloe had been living in the caravan with her boyfriend. After they broke up and he left,  she was asked to move out, as her boyfriend was the named tenant.

Pat said: “Chloe had no alternative accommodation to go to so I contacted the local council housing team and explained Chloe’s plight. Her support manager, Lesley,  spoke to Job Centre Plus to request an advance of benefit for Chloe, to help her move.”

After the council housing team arranged for Chloe to be interviewed in the Salvation Army Lifehouse at Kings Ripton Court, Pat spoke to the Lifehouse manager to explain why Chloe urgently needed to move.

I was overjoyed and so was Chloe.
Pat Wilkinson, Employment Development Coordinator

She said: “The caravan didn’t have any locks, Chloe was vulnerable and the caravan was unhygienic because of the mice. As she didn’t have the bus fare for the journey to Huntingdon, I transferred the bus fare into her account.”

After a successful interview, Chloe moved into Kings Ripton Court on the same day.

Pat said: “I was overjoyed and so was Chloe. She was very pleased with her new home.”

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