Supporting homeless people in Cardiff through coronavirus

published on 30 Mar 2020

Bus Project
In Cardiff, our Homelessness Services Unit has found a way to ensure homeless people are still able to get food and hot drinks while maintaining the government lockdown and ‘social distancing’ rules. 

Normally, people can enjoy food, warmth and comfort on board a specially adapted purple bus. 

Now the Salvation Army’s South and Mid Wales Division’s Emergency Response Vehicle has been called into action.

The emergency response vehicle provides a raised platform and serving hatch with a flap that extends outwards to help provide the necessary two metre safe distance between people who come to visit the service and our staff and volunteers. 

"I genuinely think the Bus Project keeps about 80 per cent of the people who are homeless in Cardiff alive, because we can come here and get checked up as well as check on each other every night and make sure we’re all okay” said Michael who has been a regular visitor to the  Bus Project.

Shane who also comes to the Bus Project said:

“Lukasz who supervises the bus and the team here have helped me a lot over the years. They have shown me great kindness and I am so grateful for that.”

The Bus Project supports up to 40 people a night with services such as helping people to find somewhere to sleep for the night, practical help and  advice,  a non-judgmental 'listening ear', food, a warm drink, clothes and blankets.

It operates on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights between 6.30pm and 8.30pm and its parks up in the civic centre of Cardiff near the National Museum and Park Place.


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