Striking displays to mark Remembrance Day

published on 10 Nov 2021

As millions fall silent to mark Remembrance Day, Salvation Army employees and volunteers will pay their respects at the church and charity in Farcet, near Peterborough

Farcet Remembrance 1
People have been stopping to admire the displays in the Farcet charity shop window

Striking displays have been created for the windows at the Farcet charity shop on Desborough Avenue, Stanground, Peterborough by volunteers Maddy Cameron and Helen Sargent, featuring nearly 400 handmade poppies for visitors to admire.

The shop raises money for the church and hall in Farcet which is in the nearby village.

Maddy’s display features a window, flag and bugle inherited from her father-in-law who saw active service during The Second World War with the Royal Artillery.  He was at Dunkirk assisting with the liberation of France and was also involved in the D-Day Landings.

Maddy said she felt compelled to help as the armed forces play a major role in her family.

She revealed: “My son was in the RAF and my daughter was in the Navy, so we cover all the forces.”

Farcet Remembrance 2
The displays include wartime uniforms and magazines

Another window in the shop features a display put together by Helen Sargent and includes 250 poppies made from muffin cases in a cascading waterfall effect similar to the display at the Tower of London. Visitors can also admire a green, woollen army uniform and body armour from Helen’s brother who served in the Territorial Army.

Dave Hammond, a former paratrooper, is a regular customer at the shop, and praised all involved.

He said: “This is so respectful. Remembrance is for the fallen, those who are still serving and veterans who are still suffering. It’s just nice when somebody makes the effort and I speak for all the veterans when I say it really does mean something to us.”

Cheryl Przybyl, shop manager, said the time and effort volunteers put in was amazing. She crocheted the Lest We Forget sign in the window.

Cheryl added: “It is lovely seeing people actually stop to look at the displays because there are so many interesting items, a beautiful old flag, bugle, war records, wartime newspapers and our scaled down version of the poppy waterfall.”

Farcet Remembrance 3
The display also features a poppy waterfall
A Salvation Army officer speaking to a Lifehouse resident

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