Statement: The refugee crisis

published on 10 Sep 2015

The Salvation Army is responding to the refugee crisis across Europe, providing practical, emotional and spiritual support to those affected. We believe we have an ethical and humanitarian responsibility to provide aid to refugees who have fled war and persecution in their home countries. 

Some activities and programmes for refugees are already well established but in recent months The Salvation Army has stepped up its support and also started new activities in several additional European countries. 

The Salvation Army in the UK and the Republic of Ireland is standing by to commit further personnel and funding to assist in this vital effort.  If required by the authorities we can also make available vacant bed spaces to assist in short term accommodation needs.

The Salvation Army in Greece is working at the port of Piraeus in Athens to provide food and non-food items to refugees from Syria and north African countries arriving via the islands of Kos, Lesbos and others. Plans are under way to scale up this support and to provide additional support in Thessaloniki. This work is supported by funding from the UK and Republic of Ireland Territory.

We will continue to fulfil our mission to 'meet human needs in Jesus' name without discrimination, offering support to people at railway stations, refugee centres and at its hundreds of churches across the continent.