Statement in reaction to the 'Rwanda Ruling'

published on 15 Nov 2023

The Salvation Army expressed grave concern about the proposal to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda.

In response, Major Nick Coke, Territorial Co-ordinator for Justice and Reconciliation for The Salvation Army said:

“We are enormously relieved that the Supreme Court has rejected the Government’s plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda. 

“Illegal immigration is a weapon used to exploit people for profit and it’s essential that the Government tackle the inhumane use of small boats by criminal gangs. We will never know the true number of those who have perished at sea. However, as a church and charity with significant experience of working with people fleeing dangerous situations, we are urging the new Home Secretary to ensure that any future plans include the right amount of care and support for people.  This is not about processing paperwork; this is about supporting people who may well be traumatised and tricked by human traffickers. 

“Measures to stop the boats and the criminal gangs who trade in human misery must never be at the expense of the those who are suffering at the hands of criminals, including many victims of modern slavery. 

“Not only is it our moral duty to care for those who have been abused, we must not make it easier for the criminal gangs who make profits from other people’s lives.” 

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