Statement: Historic adoption

published on 9 Nov 2016

Dean Juster, Director of Safeguarding for The Salvation Army, said: “We sincerely sympathise with what for many people are painful memories of adoption regulations and experiences during the post-war period until the mid-1970s. At that time we were one of a number of churches, charities and social agencies working in partnership with social services and health services. We provided the residential unit for mothers and babies but the adoptions were usually arranged by other organisations with The Salvation Army liaising between them and the mother.

“Sadly, at the time there were extreme social pressures on young women and their families to give a child up for adoption or fostering. Social pressures have thankfully evolved, as has the social welfare system and we can only stress that their experiences would be different today.

“We ask that any former mothers who have concerns contact our safeguarding unit so that we can investigate them fully.”

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