Songs of Praise focus on our 150th anniversary

published on 26 Jun 2015

This week's Songs of Praise will focus on The Salvation Army's 150th anniversary.

Presenter Pam Rhodes reveals one of the Army's best kept secrets - our Hadleigh estate and the setting for William Booth's ambitious response to addressing the depths of despair by those in deepest poverty in 'darkest England'.

Pam sees how the modern site is being used to support people today and meets trainees Nick Warren and Sam Camplin, gets to grips with feeding Valentine the lamb and chats to Beverley Egan about Booth's determination to help the poorest people in England, which, in turn led to creating a church and charity that helps millions of people across the world today.

Tune in on Sunday 28 June 2015 at 4.25 pm on BBC One.