Salvation Army supermarket to offer later opening hours

published on 10 Apr 2024

A community supermarket aimed at supporting people experiencing food poverty in Great Yarmouth has changed its Wednesday opening hours to offer access later in the day.

Run by The Salvation Army, Sally’s Store, which is open to local people living in NR30 postcodes, opened in April 2022 with around 60 members. Two years later, more than 320 people have signed up allowing them to be able to buy items at wholesale prices or lower.

As well as access to affordable food, goods including cleaning items, sanitary products and pet food are also on offer. Members can also get advice on subjects including budgeting and job seeking through the church and charity’s Employment Plus service.

Katherine Gethin, Community Programme Coordinator for Sally’s Storesaid the addition of some later hours will help people who could not previously get to the community supermarket when it was open only in the morning.

Sallys Store Katherine Gethin and Brenda Ridgely
Katherine Gethin, Community Programme Coordinator for Sally’s Store and Brenda Ridgely, Shop Volunteer.

Although the need for Sally’s Store has surged since it opened in 2022, Katherine said that she and her team of volunteers are pleased to be able to help the community as the cost of living crisis is showing no signs of abating.

She said: “I have a good team around me and although we hear a lot of sad stories we know we are helping people feel happier. We frequently have free bread, fruit and vegetables to give away, and even flowers on occasion! The fact there are more sign-ups simply shows that people still need us.

“We’re viewed as a real part of the community which is a good sign. It can be daunting for people to admit that they can’t afford food but here people can choose food and not have to worry about their budget stretching. We are a lifeline and the more people tell us the more we can try and help.”

The store, at Peggotty Road Community Centre, is now open from 10am to 12pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and from 3pm to 5pm on a Wednesday. To become a member, bring proof of address to Sally’s Store during opening times


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