Salvation Army stalwart Lilian still passing exams at 92

published on 22 Jun 2017

A retired Salvation Army officer has proved once and for all that you’re never too old to learn. 

Major Lilian Wylie from Kinlochleven has just passed an exam on information security at the age of 92.

Her remarkable achievement means she can go on helping her beloved church

Major Lilian is a member of the Salvation Army's community church in Kinlochleven and she assists with a range of programmes and financial duties.

But a change in the organisation's accounting system across the UK meant she had to complete a course to demonstrate her understanding of the new policies and procedures.

Major Lilian was not in the least put off by having to sit an exam, knuckled down and passed it with flying colours.

The nonagenarian is a dab hand at using modern technology too as she received an iPad for her 90th birthday.

Salvation Army church leader Major Janet McIntyre paid tribute to Lilian, saying:

"The support I get from her is so vital. She has been a big part of our church here for so many years. 

"The course itself was needed to enable Lilian to approve the expenses for our church. It was quite time-consuming because of all the different aspects that need to be learned but Lilian took it all in her stride. She's amazing."

Lilian, who is originally from Devon, was the officer in charge of Kinlochleven Salvation Army almost 70 years ago and went on to have appointments around the UK before returning to live in the village.

Speaking about her achievement, Lilian said: "I never thought I'd be taking courses at the age of 92 but I'm delighted to have completed it successfully. It means I can continue helping with the finances of the church."

Major Brian Slinn, divisional commander of the Salvation Army in the north of Scotland, said: "It's a remarkable achievement for someone of 92 years of age in order to facilitate the mission of the Salvation Army. Well done Lilian."

The Salvation Army in Kinlochleven runs a range of programmes for the local community, including a cafe church, open doors coffee morning, computing classes, singing group, and children’s music club.