Salvation Army responds to Rwandan refugee processing plan

published on 14 Apr 2022

The Salvation Army is deeply concerned at the UK government's plans to send some asylum seekers and refugees arriving by boats to Rwanda. The proposed offshore processing facility threatens to introduce an inequality of treatment that cannot be defended on any moral grounds.

As a church and charity with significant experience of working with people fleeing dangerous situations, we are very concerned that this plan will not ensure people have the appropriate care and support.  This is not about processing paperwork; this is about supporting people who may well be traumatised.

The Salvation Army has concerns about the legal provisions available to genuine refugees transported against their will by the UK government to Rwanda. It appears they will not have recourse to the UK courts of justice.

Major Nick Coke, Refugee Response Coordinator for The Salvation Army said:

"Sub-contracting the UK's international responsibilities to support refugees to a small, heavily populated African country is a dereliction of duty by the UK government and an unreasonable imposition on the people of Rwanda. This will not solve the problems of people who desperately need our help and tarnishes the UK's reputation as a responsible global force for good."