Salvation Army praises Hinkley Point’s Christmas gifts

published on 15 Dec 2021

A team from Hinkley Point C near Bridgwater has shown its support for the local community by donating to The Salvation Army’s Christmas Appeal.

Lieutenants Heather and Jonathan Culshaw lead the church and charity in Bridgwater and said they were blessed with the gesture.

Heather said: “They donated 75 large gift bags, 250 crackers, 75 yule logs, 75 rolls of wrapping paper and 100 rolls of Sellotape.  They collected toys and gifts from their on-site teams of over 5000 staff, and offered to deliver some of the larger quantities of parcels in their minibuses.”

Hinkley Point 1
The team from Hinkley Point C said they were delighted to help The Salvation Army support the local community

The first delivery of toys and gifts was due to take place last week.

Heather said she and Jonathan met with representatives from Bylor, one of Hinkley Point C’s biggest contractors, and it was clear from the first meeting that they wanted to do what they could to support the appeal.

Chloe Taylor, one of the organisers from Hinkley Point C, said “It’s been a huge privilege to help the Salvation Army this Christmas in supporting our local community. The Bylor team have been incredibly generous and it’s amazing to see what a difference their kindness will make to so many families. Donating toys to our local community is something that we’ve done for the last three years, it’s no small task, and we couldn’t do it without the support of our staff and workforce.”

Hinkley Point 2
Toys and gifts were collected from on-site teams of over 5000 staff

Heather added: “They asked how they could support them, so we talked them through it, and they began making plans straight away. This will have a massive impact on the town, so they wanted to contribute something and be part of the community.

Heather and Jonathan arrived in Bridgwater in August, and praised people across the town for supporting the appeal.

Jonathan said: “We’ve been absolutely inundated with donations and its clear Bridgwater has done this many times before. We’d like to thank everybody who has given so far and if you want to, there is still time. We’ll be helping 175 families and 386 children at least, so thank you in advance.”

If you’d like to donate to The Salvation Army’s Christmas Appeal in Bridgwater,  click here


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