Salvation Army pays tribute to oldest officer

published on 15 Jun 2015

Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Nimmo passed away on 3rd June having served as a Salvation Army officer for 86 years. He was the oldest Salvation Army officer in the United Kingdom.

Born while Salvation Army founder, General William Booth led The Salvation Army, Lieut.-Colonel Hugh has also lived through two world wars, the election of 24 Prime Ministers, and seen 5 monarchs on the throne.

Major James Williams who supports retired Salvation Army officers from the church’s national headquarters conducted the funeral service at the crematorium today in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Major James said: “We thank God for the life of Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Nimmo, whose lifelong service in The Salvation Army inspires us today as we continue to share God’s love and transform the lives of people in need. It is a day of celebration. As we say in The Salvation Army, Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh has been ‘Promoted to Glory’.”

Lieut.-Colonel Hugh travelled to The Salvation Army’s training college in London on the day of his 19th birthday in 1928 whilst the founder’s son and right-hand man Bramwell Booth was General and was ordained as an officer in 1929. Before becoming a Salvation Army officer, he worked in the mines and in the mining office in Prestwick.

During his time as an active officer before retirement, Lieut.-Colonel Hugh spent 23 years as a church leader, 10 years as a youth leader, 9 years as a leader of The Salvation Army in Scotland and 5 years serving in both England and Scotland.

Lieut.-Colonel Hugh married Dorothy in 1933 and shared ministry together until their retirement in 1974. Dorothy passed away in 1977 after 44 years of marriage. Lieut.-Colonel Hugh re-married a Salvation Army officer, Marion Walker and shared a further 24 years.

This year The Salvation Army is celebrating 150 years of Christian service and is still at the heart of community today, supporting those in need and transforming lives.