Salvation Army launches new animation to help public spot the signs and join the fight against Modern Slavery

published on 13 Oct 2018

Ahead of Anti-Slavery Day on Wednesday (October 18), The Salvation Army has launched an animated film to highlight the common signs of modern slavery, enabling the public to help spot them – and play their part in putting an end to this monstrous crime.

This builds on The Salvation Army’s film last year, which featured Princess Eugenie calling on the public to ask businesses who make goods and services we all use to review their supply chain for slave labour through social media using the hashtags, #askthquestion and #slavefree.

Conscious that public awareness is a key to help the Police and others combatting this crime, The Salvation Army has commissioned an animation which brings to life the everyday indicators of modern slavery. The film takes the viewer through common encounters we may all have, drawing on The Salvation Army’s unique insight into modern slavery through its role managing the Government’s contract to support all adult victims of modern slavery and their dependents in England and Wales. It also shows where to go for information or to report suspicious activity, and how to link people to The Salvation Army’s support. [Watch here.]

Princess Eugenie, who is passionate about raising awareness to help combat modern slavery, continued her encouragement to survivors and those working in the field earlier this year when she met with women who are recovering from exploitation as modern day slaves at a Salvation Army safe house in Yorkshire.

Several women currently receiving specialist support from The Salvation Army, alongside staff, showed Princess Eugenie around their home and spoke of their experiences of being exploited and the importance of the emotional and practical support they are receiving from the church and charity.

Princess Eugenie, said: 

“For me these amazing women are such an inspiration in the courage they show in overcoming what has happened to them and their desire to help others. It is important that everyone understands the reality of the horrendous experiences these women have had to face and that this kind of exploitation is happening every day in every community in our country.”

Princess Eugenie met women from several different countries including Albania, Vietnam, Uganda and Lithuania who had been tricked into coming to the UK on the promise of legitimate work, only to be forced into sexual exploitation and held captive with physical restraints and psychological threats.

The Salvation Army’s Director of Anti Trafficking and Modern Slavery, Major Anne Read, also joined Princess Eugenie at the safe house along with Dr Ingrid M Roscoe, The Lord-Lieutenant of West Yorkshire.

Major Read said: “We are extremely grateful for the support Princess Eugenie has shown in coming to visit some of the people we support.

“Before coming to our safe house these ladies were treated as nothing more than commodities to be bought and sold by their traffickers and made to feel worthless.  To know that Princess Eugenie attaches importance to meeting them and hearing their stories, has been powerful in helping them recover a sense of their own value.

“This also was important for our staff, who work tirelessly to support the people in our care, many of whom have a complex and difficult road ahead as they begin to recover from their ordeal.

“We now need everyone in the UK to recognise the uncomfortable truth that modern slavery is taking place all around us. Everyone should make it their business to understand what to look for and who to tell and we’d urge anyone who wants to join our fight against modern slavery to watch the animation we’ve made, to help them know what the signs are to look out for, that anyone could come across in everyday life.”

The Salvation Army sees the impact on the lives of victims of modern slavery having provided support through its Government contract covering all adult victims in England and Wales since July 2011. In safe houses and through outreach support across the country, The Salvation Army and its partners help people get medical, legal, emotional and any other help they need.

Anyone who suspects they or someone they encounter could be a victim of modern slavery can call The Salvation Army’s confidential referral line 0300 303 8151 available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more information on how to spot the signs that someone is a victim of modern slavery, please watch this video here.

To find out how to take part in The Salvation Army’s #askthequestion #slavefree social media campaign to call on businesses to review their supply chains to ensure they are #slavefree visit here