Salvation Army to launch choir and lunch club offering support to local community

published on 28 Sep 2016

The local Salvation Army church is launching a new community choir and lunch club in partnership with St Mary’s Church in Malvern. Together, the churches hope to offer a regular opportunity for people to socialise, build friendships across the local community, and provide emotional and practical support.  The Salvation Army aims to reach out to the most vulnerable in the community, particularly those who may be experiencing isolation and loneliness.

Leanne Wallis, Corps Officer at the Salvation Army in Malvern said who is leading the community choir said: “'We are looking forward to meeting new people at our own hall on Newtown Road, and at St. Mary's Church in Pickersleigh.  With the community choir and lunch, there's a chance for everyone to come and enjoy themselves, meet new people and make friends, particularly in the lead up to Christmas. We invite everyone to come along and have a good sing, be given the chance of singing in a Christmas carol service, have a bite to eat - either or both!”