Salvation Army Helping People Hit By Earthquake And Tsunami In Chile

published on 8 Jan 2014

The Salvation Army is providing relief to people affected by an earthquake and subsequent tsunami which hit northern Chile at the beginning of this month.

Homes were destroyed and many thousands of people were evacuated from their homes when tsunami alarms sounded on the evening of April 1. Eight people are known to have been killed in the disaster.

In the community of Alto Hospicio around 2,000 houses were destroyed and 30 fishing boats were washed away, leaving fishermen with no means of earning a living. Salvation Army team members have also managed to make it through to Camarones and Huara to check on needs and damage and to help people wherever possible.

A state of emergency in the region, which was put in place by the government within hours of the initial quake, is still in operation.

Relief teams from The Salvation Army’s South America West Territory are in the affected area providing assistance to people who have lost homes and livelihoods.

Plans are in place to send approximately 20 tonnes of tents, blankets, mattresses and food for distribution.

Emergency canteens (mobile kitchens) are being prepared to send into the worst-hit areas, although many are still difficult to reach because of damage to roads. The Salvation Army is also looking at the possibility of working with communities to build basic wooden houses for people who have lost homes and belongings.

Donations to support The Salvation Army's response can be made online at Please clarify it is for our relief work in Chile in the specific usebox.