Salvation Army Band lets audience conduct at public music-making art event

published on 23 Feb 2017

The Bristol Citadel Salvation Army brass band will hand the conductor’s baton to members of the public on 11 March for a one-off live music event called Up Down Left Right by the artist and composer, Andy Ingamells.  

The conduct-it-yourself concert — organised by the Situations production company — marks the official opening of the new Salvation Army Citadel and Community Church & Family Centre in Bristol’s Ashley Road, which replaced the original Victorian Citadel built at the site in 1896.   


Up Down Left Right will see individual members of the Citadel’s congregation come and conduct the brass band for six minutes each, without the aid of any sheet music.  Instead, the amateur conductors will attempt to guide the musicians with their freeform gestures alone.  While band members will have to use all their musical wits to interpret the spontaneous movements of their multiple maestros’ to hit the right notes.  

The results of the experimental session will then be transformed into a musical score and an audio track which The Salvation Army can keep for musical posterity.   Bristol Citadel’s Corps Officer, Captain Alison Friday said:   

“Ever since Andy Ingamells and the team at Situations first presented the concept of Up Down Left Right with us, we’ve all been so excited about it. The Salvation Army and the Citadel Band has been at the heart of the St. Paul’s community since 1896 so music’s a fantastic way to celebrate that rich heritage. I can’t wait to hear the final recording of what our conductors and musicians manage to produce together.  

To be able to keep the final musical score is just priceless really.”  

Claire Doherty, Director of Situations said:  

"We’re delighted by the response of the Salvation Army brass band to the artist’s proposition - they’ve been so open to new ideas and to connecting with new people in Bristol. It’s been quite a collaboration.”   


Up Down Left Right takes place on Saturday, 11 March from 11am to 4.30pm at The Salvation Army’s Bristol Citadel, 6 Ashley Road, BS6 5NL.  

Tickets are available online for a £1 donation.   

The Salvation Army’s Bristol Citadel Community Church & Family Centre is at the frontline of the church and charity’s work to improve the lives of families and individuals within the heart of the St. Paul’s community.