The Salvation Army announce building proposal on the Isle of Man

published on 1 Nov 2016

A proposal for The Salvation Army to invest in the community on the Isle of Man was unveiled to local people at a community information sharing evening at the Church and charity’s citadel (church) in Douglas on Monday 31st October.   

The proposal outlines The Salvation Army’s plans to develop the existing building to create a space specifically designed to benefit the community of the Isle of Man both now and into the future. The plans include replacing the existing building with a new structure which will occupy the same footprint with additional space which will benefit the community.  

Captains Simon and Carolyn Clampton have been The Salvation Army church leaders on the Isle of Man for the last six years and have worked with local architects to create the proposal.  

Captain Simon, said: “Before we submit our plans formally to the council it is very important for us to share our proposals with the community and give them the opportunity to look at our plans. It was great to speak to local people and discuss our proposal and hear their thoughts. We have listened to all their comments and will be discussing these with our team before plans are formally submitted.”  

The Salvation Army believes that when the building was originally designed in the 1930s the needs of the community were very different and now there isn’t the space needed to run programmes which can fully support the local community both now and into the future.  

The Church and charity has completed a comprehensive research and development study.  In addition a recent government report was taken into account which identified that the citadel is currently located in one of the areas of most need on the Island, close to transport links which allows access for everyone on the island.  

Captain Simon continued: “We’re dedicated to supporting the community here on the Isle of Man and believe that by investing in a new building we will be able to make a real difference to the Island community.   

“We believe the proposed new build will allow us to deliver a programme that will make a real, tangible difference to local people. For example, there will be the ability to support a greater number of older people and our existing, well loved, award winning, nursery will be extended with improved facilities for children and families.   

“There will also be scope to run an increased number of services in the additional rooms created such as those to support people into employment.”  

During the demolition and building process The Salvation Army is exploring the possibility of moving into the now vacant Fairfield School, just a few minute’s walk from the citadel. The ministry and community work will continue during this time – it will be business as usual.  

Captain Carolyn, added: “We’d like to thank those who came along to our community sharing evening. Their enthusiasm was wonderful. It was lovely to share our hopes and dreams and to hear their positive comments. We’re excited about moving forward with the process.”  

For more than 150 years The Salvation Army has been transforming lives and continues to do so today in communities across the British Isles and throughout the world.