SAID UK wants you to CRY FREEDOM for new anti-trafficking campaign

published on 30 Jun 2014

The Salvation Army International Development (SAID UK) has launched a new campaign to raise money for our international anti-trafficking response.

The Salvation Army works in over 120 countries and has been taking action to tackle human trafficking for a number of years.

We have seen traffickers working their way down the valleys of rural China and picking off women one by one, village by village. We have seen children trafficked into Malawi to work as herd boys, household labourers or into prostitution. We have seen horrendous exploitation, abuse and injustice. But we also see hope…

Because although most people who are trafficked might be out of our personal reach, The Salvation Army is there. We are in a unique position to tackle the global problem that is human trafficking and we are already responding in countries like India, China, Malawi and Tanzania.

We have seen the fight working. We have seen reportings of trafficking in those Chinese valleys fall to zero due to a combination of awareness-raising and income generation efforts. In fact, it has been said that the traffickers no longer even visit these villages because they now know that there’s nothing for them there.

We see similar success in Malawi. Not only have hundreds of children been given the chance to reclaim their childhood at our anti-child trafficking centre, but many communities across the country have also been mobilised to spot the dangers of trafficking and protect children before they end up exploited.

This is the impact that our work can have when people like you take action.

But there are many people who are still trapped or at risk. That’s why we need you to keep up the fight to give others the chance for freedom. Together we can stand up for those whose voices have been silenced by traffickers.

It’s time to rise up and take action to combat trafficking, protect victims and restore our world.

Will you join us and CRY FREEDOM?

You can take action to help us see freedom proclaimed for the thousands who are trafficked or at risk:

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