RESPONSE: New funding model for supported housing.

published on 16 Sep 2016

 “As a national organisation and service provider with nearly 150 years experience, we know what it takes to support someone as they get back on their feet. We have supported men and women and families in rebuilding their lives after experiencing homelessness – our commitment remains -  to protect and assist the most vulnerable in every community. We provide people with a safe and secure place to live as well as providing a range of personalised support to help people regain their independence  and put a halt to the revolving door of homelessness.

“We welcome the Government’s resolve to find a sustainable funding solution for supported housing. While yesterday’s announcement (15/09/2016) was not very detailed, what was announced raises some concerns. We welcome the decision to defer the application of Local Housing Allowance Caps to 2019/20, However, we cannot support the proposal to significantly cut the Housing Support entitlement of vulnerable women and men in the future.  Similarly we continue to have very real concerns about the ability of the sector to absorb the 1% rent reduction without this having a significant impact on the quality and quantity of the services available to those who need them most.

“The Salvation Army wants to ensure that the new funding system works for those we seek to serve. We will continue to advocate on their behalf with the Government and await the release of consultation documents so we can consider this more fully.”